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    Plantar Fasciitis and Cute Shoes- Is it possible?

    Support the arch!! I can't stress that enough. I tried to use Vibrams frоm BestО They are pretty good, but they take time to break into. You cant go right into workouts involving a lot of impact on them. Your feet will need time to get used to them. I just tried a pair of hokas at...
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    Lower carb protein oatmeal recipe

    I make an uncooked version of this without the egg. Just mix ricotta cheese, sweetener, and cream. Add a tablespoon each of unprocessed bran and flax meal and a few sliced raspberries or strawberries, if you can get away with eating berries. I've become addicted to and it's easy on my blood...
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    Homemade Chicken Stew

    Heavy cream instead of milk will make that stew mo betta.. I'm making chicken and dumplings tonight.