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    Glassboro 2015 RT Countdown!

    Do you know the class schedule yet (content/type for each class)? It's time to begin planning outfits, and the type of workout will determine which shoes I need, which then helps determine the outfits for each class. Because it's all about looking good... :)
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    Plates and Barbell Weights

    The barbell Cathe uses is 5 lbs, then if you look at the size of her plates, the biggest is a 10 lb plate, medium is 5 lbs and smallest is 2.5 lbs. much different than a standard or Olympic size barbell set. You can usually just eyeball what she is using and know based on these weights.
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    Trouble with DVDs: FlexTrain & Great Glutes

    Jennifer, I was having similar issues with certain DVDs that wouldn't play correctly. When I tried them in a different DVD player, they worked fine. So I just replaced my DVD player and now everything plays great. They at so cheap now that it's no big deal to replace.
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    Who's In??

    I got #5, and I'm a first-timer. I'm so excited to do this and to meet everyone. Hope you'll welcome me with open (muscular!) arms. :)