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  • Suz, you look awesome. Can't believe I somehow missed befriending you. I hope you reach all of your goals.
    Suz, You look great! Thanks for being an inspiration. What are your favorite Cathe workouts?

    Hi Laura,

    I hope this is how I reply to you as I'm not quite sure. :) Thank you for your kind comments. You sure can do it too. A few years ago I lost 30 pounds for cycling so I could be faster on the bike. I only planned on losing 20 and the other 10 came off due to some stress in my life and it's been heck trying to gain back the 6 that I now have, but really anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. Really!

    Thanks again!


    I often like to read the Hardcore Fitness Maniacs thread and I just wanted to comment that your progress photos are wonderful. You really are inspirational and I wish I could look as good as you although I'm a bit too fat lol. Really congratulations you look fantastic.
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