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    It's not too late to attend Glassboro Road Trip

    Unfortunately, my wife Susan can't make it to Glassboro NJ for the Roadtrip on Friday. If you are on the waiting list (or missed signing up?), contact Nancy Pollock ASAP at and ask to take Susan's spot.
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    San Diego 2010 Road Trip Video

    San Diego 2010 video Thanks for posting the San Diego road trip video! Loved it!! Makes me want to go again!!
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    Don't Know If I Can Stop Myself. I Want A Big Bag Of Chips, Pretzels, Candy and Soda

    Don't do anything you'll regret as soon as you finish! Notice how as you swallow that last bite of offensive food that you groggily come back to your senses and think, what did I just DO??! Please remind me of this very powerful truth when I call out to you all!