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    Recommendation for a good tinted moisturizer?

    I used to be an Avon rep, and I started using Mark tinted moisturizer a couple of years ago. (Mark is a division of Avon.) I love it, and it's cheap ($9). When I want a little extra makeup when I'm going out, I just put a little mineral makeup on top of it and it looks very natural and not...
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    Mad men

    This thread just made my day! WOOT! Can't wait for Don Draper to return. *Love* :)
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    Is there a exercise you just don't do?

    I super hate leg presses. Hate them with a purple passion. I used to skip them, but I feel bad now, so I do them. Still hate them. :confused: I also sometimes have to take a break during major jump sequences. Me+giving birth to 3 kids= little bladder control. :o That's why I love the new LIS! :)
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    A good substitute for running

    I think any steady-state cardio would work. I typically choose a kickbox (kickmax or Kick punch & crunch) on those days I don't want to run but want to get a good steady state workout.
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    Coconut Oil

    Oh, I think what I wrote was misleading. I don't eat 2Tbsp in one sitting/at a time. Noooo... I use a teaspoon here and there during the day... All equaling up to about 2 tbsp total for the day. Do you think that's too much? I thought the recommended "dosage" was 3 tbsp for optimal effects.
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    Coconut Oil

    Hey guys, Question: I love coconut oil, and I scramble my eggs in it and I eat it throughout the day... (Not usually exceeding 2 Tbsp). However, on myfitnesspal, I've been exceeding my fat allotment for the days while doing this, but I have been staying within my calorie allotment. What do you...
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    Pics of your workout space

    JeanneMarie-I have workout room envy. That's awesome!!!! My workout room is my bedroom with my weights/steps piled up in a corner. Not optimal. Yall's workout rooms are great! I'd work out all the time if I had that! :)
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    brazil buttlift

    I have this set. I got it when it first came out, and I swear it made my butt bigger! :eek: I shelved it after that. I may get it out in the spring and see if I have different results. It's fun, but in my opinion, it's not nearly as effective (obviously since my butt got bigger) as Cathe's Butts...
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    Oh Turbo Barre!!

    Hey Nancy, I like the split sole, canvas type. They allow you to feel the floor better, IMO. My new ones that I love are Bloch Pro Elastic: Women‘s “Pro Elastic“ Ballet Slipper - Style #S0621L at Discount Dance Supply They have elastic all around them, so you don't have to mess with the...
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    Oh Turbo Barre!!

    Love love love Turbo Barre!!!! I used to do ballet and still take an adult class, and I do TB it in my ballet shoes! :o So much fun! And whoa, what a great leg workout! :)
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    Turbo Fire & ChalLEAN Extreme Rotation?

    Oooh! I'm going to have to try this. Thanks!!! :)
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    Fit44-- Thanks for sharing the link. I'll check it out! As for giving up grains, I don't think I could do that. I love my Ezekiel bread and quinoa! (Though, I think technically quinoa is a seed, so maybe I could... hmm...) I read in Oxygen Magazine last month that Tosca gave up all grains except...
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    So I'm doing a Biggest Loser type of competition with some friends of mine in a fitness group I'm in on Facebook, and Cathe is going to be my secret weapon. (I want to lose 20 pounds.) I have not worked out, shamefully, since before the holidays, but I am an avid Cathelete... So, any advice for...
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    I've discovered Nutella!

    I *heart* nutella. I literally cannot keep it in the house. I will take a spoon to it and eat it like pudding. It's shameful, but true. It's my crack. :o
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    3 days only

    If I were you, I'd try doing the 4 Day Split workouts. You can probably find a premix to fit your time constraints, and you would be doing a mix of cardio and weights each workout, but working different body parts. HTH! You're doing better than I am on workouts. With the holidays, I have had...