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    Water Breaks

    I would just like to say.."Cathe, thank you for always being so thirsty during our workouts" I LOVE our water breaks..I do everything you tell me to do.. If you told me to sit for 2 mins, I wouldn't FFWD..I'd sit... And probably drink water thank you for being AMAZING, authentic, articulate, a...
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    Cathe Apparel?

    Yes, I found them the other day and ordered! I think I found the link through and old article. Thank you
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    Cathe Apparel?

    I've looked all over.. When and Where would I find Cathe Apparel? Do they only run certain times of the year or is there no such thing? Like tank tops or such?
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    Has anyone ever...

    I'm rather new to Cathe's Live videos. I absolutely love them so much variety.. Has anyone ever started at #1 and just made their way through? Just a thought..I mean it depends on what 'your' goals are but I think it would be an interesting feat to say the least.. Any thoughts? There are almost...
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    Xtrain user guide

    Hi I was wondering if there is a way to get the XTrain user guide? When I googled it nothing came up like with the other DVD sets. I was just wondering since I am a monthly member if there was a way I could get/see a user guide so that I can see the way the workouts would be set up?