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    Mom Jeans!

    I just like a happy medium between mom jeans and low rise. I wore my mom jeans too, with my shirt tucked in and a belt. So unflattering. 100% I’ll never wear them again
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    Tipping point

    Thanks for the advice, I will contact customer service. Sherry
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    Tipping point

    I don’t think I could contact customer service. It was my own darn fault for dropping it.
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    Tipping point

    After a long, long week with horrible sleep, and an ailing cat, I attempted a Cathe workout. I pulled out my Ab hits DVD for a workout and dropped it on the floor. I was actually thinking how horrible I would feel if it had broke. Put it in DVD player and wouldn’t play so looked and it was...
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    Slowing down

    I just turned 56 and have definitely noticed a shift in my cardio and weight lifting. Some days I can do high impact, then other days a low impact feels hard. I need longer recovery days and weights have lightened up as well. I would say that for the most part my Cathe workouts seem just a bit...
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    What's up with Workout Manager Stats no longer keeping track of distance?

    In the workout manager I go into the calendar then click ‘add my workout’. I’m manually entering my distance that I’ve ran.
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    Having such a bad day, just needed to vent

    Such a difficult day for you and I agree it never gets easier. Sorry for your loss.
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    What's up with Workout Manager Stats no longer keeping track of distance?

    I put in a running workout yesterday and it did show up in the stats for distance. It never displays instantly, but rather the next day.
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    P90X Question

    Yes there are a lot of pull-ups and push-ups. I did the whole program a few years ago, but I found I was really bored by the end. His voice started to wear on me as well. I got some good results but would never do it again. I would maybe sub in some chest flys and overhead press for the pushups...
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    A reintroduction and some questions

    Welcome back! Definitely give Cathe on Demand a try for a month. At least it will give you an idea of what workouts you might want to do/buy. Or you may even keep the on demand going. Have fun! Sherry
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    Not fun a test for ab strength!

    I agree, not the sort of ab workout I enjoy, but those abs sure do work hard during a stomach bug. Hope you’re feeling better Sherry
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    Fit tower and modified pullups

    Yes I use one the DVDs that came with the fit tower. It has modified pull-ups. It is very much a beginner DVD (at least for me) Sherry
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    Gonna be one of those days!

    Too funny! Looks yummy too.