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    Running shoes to lift

    I do everything barefoot as well. I only wear shoes if I'm working out at a gym. Then I will wear a minimalist running shoe
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    Cathe Workouts in the Gym

    There was another thread about this months ago. I find it's pretty easy to follow along when using headphones.
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    Cathe at gym???

    I do. I do a bit of everything. I use my phone and Bluetooth headphones. I do the strength videos in the weight area and cardio or step in a area with a mirror. It's like having a personal trainer. I get bored if I'm trying to make my own weight routine to follow at the gym.
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    Wandering the most popular age group for Cathletes

    Just made 34. Found Cathe 3yrs ago after doing Charlene and p90x.
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    Body Beast

    I started bulk chest today as well and I also thought the count was quick. I was also lifting heavy and I either went down in weight to keep up or rewind to finish the rep count. I found I was using momentum trying to keep up.
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    Body Beast

    Lol, we were thinking the same thing. Tempo doesn't really seem like a good buy seeing that it costs nearly as much as the sale price for the whole set. I also decided to just go with slow & heavy and it seems like a good fit!
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    Body Beast

    Hi guys, I've been following the thread and I also started bodybeast this week. My question is what are you guys doing for the days that have tempo listed? Do you plan to buy the tempo DVD, do the alternative build DVD or perhaps use cathe's slow and heavy instead? Roe
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    Squat stand

    Ckeck out the Valor BD 9. I order one based on recommendations from previous threads.
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Hi guys, thanks for the welcome! I've been MIA kinda because of the same reason Jen just mentioned. I wrote a long reply post using the Ipad app and it disappeared before I hit send, so disappointing. .... I have yet to try again. A lesson learned, guess I'll just use the actually website from...
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    Bodybuilding/Sculpting check-in;-)

    Hi ladies. I would like to join in and keep the check in alive as well. I have actually been following the thread from day 1 and Jen has given the nudge I needed to finally comment. I plan on following the bodybuilding rotation as well. I completed the rock bottom rotation in February and then...
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    Any ex-runners?

    Interesting topic. I have been thinking the same thing. I caught the running bug about 3yrs years ago starting with a 5k several 1/2's and finally a full marathon. After the marathon I just wasn't really as motivated anymore and felt burnt out. I don't have a physical limitation but more so...
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    Another Ultimate Yogi question

    Aww, that code just pushed me over the edge and I bought one too. Thanks.
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    Anybody else....

    Lol! to funny, thanks for sharing.
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    P90x 3

    I was just wondering the same thing. I did p90x and I am quite interested in trying the shorter version. I am also eyeing T25. However, I just bout most of Cathe's deal of the day DVDs from Black Friday week. I might purchase it later after more reviews come out.