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    How did everyone start exercising??

    Back in the mid 1980s when I was a teen, I was looking at the magazine rack and saw one with Rachel McLish on the cover. She had a workout routine in it with a lower body focus, but hit total body. I did that 4 times a week and fell in love with weigh training. Moved onto whatever workout was...
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    “Kettlebells Found to Increase Joint Damage Over Time,” Says Personal Trainer Nick Sage

    I did a Goode search of Kith University, and all I get is a shoe store that sells Nike Air Jordans. HMMM. Edited to say, I did a GoDuckGo search and got a KTH University in Stockholm but its a Institute of Tecnology, and nothing that looks like it would be exercise physiology or that sort of study.
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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    I guess if enough of us would like to, we could always start a new board on Tapatalk. Its really easy to do.
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    My Boss Bands and Loops were delivered today!

    I was so excited that mine showed up yesterday when my tracking said Monday!
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    Catheletes Transitioning to Mid-Life Private Group?

    Well, other than a couple Facebook groups, no. I mean they are nice groups, but quite big and not as private. I'm attempting to get myself back into fitness, using Cathe of course, after a few years of neglecting my own health. So if anyone knows of something more private than Facebook, I'd...
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    MakeUp Question

    Go for Sigma brushes instead. More pricey, but so SO much better quality that Morphe. They hold up much better after several washings. And Morphe is a shady company anyway. Involved in some scandals and shady dealings. I could talk makeup all day and I have a huge and I mean HUGE collection...
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    Anyone have an Instagram or YouTube channel?

    I'd love to follow people from here with Instagrams or YouTube channels. Or TikTok esp if they do funny stuff, or fitness stuff. Hit me up and I'll follow you. And if you want mine, holler and I'll leave a link in a comment. I don't want to leave links if no one cares LOL
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    Any Noom users here?

    I took the plunge after a friend I've not seen since before this nasty pandemic and all used Noom to lose 50lbs. Just wondering if anyone here has used Noom and if you were successful.
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    YES! My Cathe Live Subscription finally ended

    Cause 6 months ago, I was a little bit of a ding dong and didn't realize I clicked Cathe Live instead of Cathe on Demand. Oh, I probably could have e-mailed them and ended the Live and ordered On Demand, but I just lived with my mess up. It ended a couple days ago, but I've been busy with...
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    Fave workout clothes?

    SheFit bras Constant Varied Gear for pants. Whatever for shirts lol
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    Ok please tell me I'm not the only one who has checked their e-mail for the info on how to preorder LOL
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    I've been taking it for quite some time, since summer and I can tell a difference in some of my joints. I have some arthritis from injuries in a finger and in the top of my right foot and if I take it daily, it basically doesn't hurt at all.
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    STS Undulating Rotation

    Perfect. Yes, I'm WAY late, but I'm thinking of doing this rotation rather than the straight one. I get a little bored of the endurance workouts so this is a great way to eliminate that boredom
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    New shoes!

    I recently got Hoka Tivras and love them. Spendy, but for me worth it.
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    I am. But I know Covid is probably slowing stuff up so I'm hoping she's in the planning stages and will announce something in the next month or two.