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    Question about Pure Strength workouts

    I also do this one with dumbbells if I'm to lazy to get out my barbell lol. Its quite easy to do with dumbbells.
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    Which Perfect 30 workout will you do first?

    Strangely enough I want to do the Mobility one first. I'm getting stiffer and less flexible as I get not as young, and at 50, its time to reverse this trend. Time to put mobility and flexibility in my workout schedule.
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    Workout bras?

    They are my favorite workout bra, once I figured out I had to make sure to line up the straps so they don't rub,
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    Getting SOOO excited for the new workouts!

    I mean I was excited but seeing clips, OMG! They look SOOO good. Love the heavier weights and slower pace of the weight workout. And that stretch/mobility! I think that's the one I'm looking forward to the most! I just can't wait!
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    Workout bras?

    I have a couple Sh-Fit of them and while I really like them, if you don't get the velcro on just right, it can rub a little and get irritating. Just an FYI.
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    Favorite workout shoes

    I do love my Hoka's I have for walking outside and the pair I wear at work at the hospital I'll have to check out the Tivra
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    Favorite workout shoes

    The Rykas I've been using for a couple years for areobics, step and metabolic style workouts are finally breaking down. Time to get new shoes. What kind of shoes do you ladies all like?
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    Any good motivational books?

    Thanks! I've been feeling very "off" these last few weeks. Maybe this will help
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    Perfect 30 Update - 7-13-20

    I'm so excited! So glad you waited to make sure everyone, from the lighting crew, to the camera crew, to you and your cast, were safe before filing.
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    Peloton app for sure! Its amazing!
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    STS Check in

    I'm going to put off STS until Dec 23 myself. Daughter had surgery this afternoon and we hope she'll get to come home tomorrow. She'll need a little help the first couple days cause she'll be sore, but at least she'll be home
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    What treadmill do you have?

    I totally splurged and got the Peloton treadmill. I really enjoy it. I'm really loving the scenic workouts. With a 32inch screen, it feels like I'm almost in Hawaii lol
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    STS Check in

    I had to put my workouts on hold. My daughter is in the hospital, nothing bad, but hubby and I have our granddaughter and she's a little pissy cause her schedule is off. 3 1/2 months is still an age she wants held A LOT and will still wake 2-3 times a week for food at 2-3 am Surgery will be...
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    STS Check in

    Leg day today. I like to split up the upper body workouts. Cardio day tomorrow. if I can move my legs lol
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    STS Check in

    Did disk1. I forgot how many pushups there really were. Good lord!