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    This is my first time posting in this forum and I'm gonna start STS

    Hi AliceW, I just started my 2nd round of STS last week. I completed it the first time over the spring and summer and I did not do the 1RM testing for reasons of procrastination, and I knew that I would never refer to any of my notes while doing the workouts. Despite this I still experienced...
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    Microloading Tip Without Gloves or Pace Weights

    Hello, I wanted to share a tip about microloading to help with STS and other workouts. While looking at options like pace weights, and adjustable gloves I got another idea. I bought a set of 2 lb walking weights and also a set of 3 lb walking weights. These are just small dumbbells with a...
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    Curl bar?

    I think it would use the same plates as a straight bar. Mine does--and I prefer it because of the versatility, plus it rests better on the back of the shoulders when doing barbell squats.