When I began doing Cathe Workouts
The end of 2009
How I found out about Cathe Workouts
On the FIRM Forums.
Why I love doing Cathe Workouts
Because there is nothing not to love about doing Cathe's workouts! She is awesome.
Where I work out most often
Other Workout DVDs that I own
The FIRM & Biggest Loser yoga.
My Fitness Goals
It be fit & healthy. To be a great role model for my family.
My Success Story
My healthy lifestyle journey began in March of 2008. This is when I finally realized that the freshman 25 and the 30+ pregnancy pounds I gained were not coming off. Being a full-time working mom it was hard finding the time and energy to get away to the gym to attend classes. I needed something I could do at home and not get bored with.

I did not start my journey with Cathe but I am SO glad that I did find out about her. I started working out with another fitness program and was on their website forum reading all the talk about how great and challenging Cathe’s workouts are. I hate to admit it but I had never heard of Cathe or Cathlete. I was starting to get bored with the workouts I was currently doing and was looking for something to increase my fitness level. So one morning I decided to watch FitTV and see what all the Cathe talk was about. As soon as I saw Cathe’s Body Blast Supersets workout I knew what all the Cathe talk was about.


<br />Danielle




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