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    Workout Manager/Nutrition App login issues

    I signed up for the nutrition app in the workout manager. I am able to access it on my PC with no problem but when I try to access it with my phone it says I have an invalid username and password. I also get that same message when I log into the Workout Manager but it still logs me in. How...
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    Dear Cathe, would you ever consider doing a cycling video?

    Me too, me too! I have a spin bike and would LOVE a Cathe spin workout :-)
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    urgent help needed.

    You are right on target with your selections! I had hip bursitis over the summer and lived on a rotation of MMA Boxing, Lowmax, LIC, and Low Impact Step for cardio. You may need to skip sections of the blast in Lowmx if your doctor has told you to avoid squats & lunges. I didn't skip them I...
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    Question about a Dr. Phil show

    I saw that episode too and was yelling at the TV. I usually agree with dr. phil but he was plain, flat out wrong in this instance. I thought it was interesting too because several years ago he had a couple on where the wife was doing all the abuse and he called it abuse - not a relationship...
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    Custom videos to itunes?

    I had this problem too :-) I didn't pay attention when I installed the workout asks you when you first install it where you want the workout blender videos to go. Once your video is created it goes into that folder. You can either open iTunes and that folder and drag the file...
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    hip bursitis help

    I spent most of last year struggling with hip bursitis as well as strained hip flexors. My physical therapist and sports medicine doc told me to avoid high impact, kicking and squats. I used MMA Boxing a lot and some of the more gentle low impact step workouts (and just modified to eliminate...
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    Keurig - What's your favorite?

    Not a coffee drinker but I buy them for my husband. He likes the green mountain breakfast blend. I buy them online from Kohls when they are on sale and when kohl's is doing their 15, 20 or 30% off for Kohl's cardholders. You can find the 30% off code at So their sale price for...
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    Shock Cardio sale

    I adore MMA Boxing. I could not live without it! I also like athletic step...I haven't tried step moves yet. Have fun with your new workouts!
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    Hello! I did disc 9 this morning. Week 3 is done, only 1 more week of meso 1!!!!!! I really dislike this type of weight lifting...I am looking forward to getting back to the heavier, slower lifting I prefer. So, for the active rest week what do you all plan to do? My original plan was...
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    Hello everyone! I have been doing cardio the last couple of days...KPC yesterday and LIC today. I frontloaded my STS workouts over the weekend. I plan to do a spinning video in the morning and then Disc 9 tomorrow evening. I'll be done with week three! Woot! Wendy - I am sharing your...
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    IMAX 2 Download

    Yeah, me too. I was bummed because Imax 3 is broken down much better, you can seperate the step segments from the blast. I was hoping that I could pull blasts from lowmax and put them into Imax 2 and 3 for the more high impact blasts but due to the chaptering I can't do that. I was also very...
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    Good evening ladies! This appears to be a weekly check-in for me :o Sorry about that! To be honest I get a little overwhelmed with all the personals...I stop in and read every day but I usually don't have the time to personally address each post. I am not sure of the ettiquette of posting...
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    Tell Me About 4-Day Split

    I love the 4DS workouts. The music is great and Cathe's energy is awesome. I LOVE the step portions in 4DS, my only complaint is that they aren't long enough :D I bought the series as a download as well so I can more easily repeat sections of the cardio so I can make it a longer workout. I...
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    I got disc 4 done today :D That's a relief, no more weights until thursday. I will still get up and do cardio & abs on the other days though. I also did 4ds double cardio (step) premix today. I haven't taken a rest day :o I know I am supposed to but I don't burn enough calories if I don't...
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    Just curious - are any of you thinking of attending any of the RTs this year?