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    Giving up on a new Ripped with Hiit from Cathe

    Thanks! I'm doing some Sydney Cummings now too! I was surprised it's harder than it looks. And it's free!
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    Studio Sweat on Demand $99/year awesome spinning classes. Tons of 'em all in varying lengths, difficulty.
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    Exclusively Weights

    Would love a body building type of workout! So, I’m bumping this one to keep it on top.
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    P90X Question

    I did P90X once all the way through. The boredom, for me, was doing the same workouts for three months. I haven't looked in a long time, but what -- 7 or 8 discs -- over and over and over. Nothing like STS, where you do a new workout every single time. I wouldn't regret buying it, because...
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    Streaming Services besides Cathe Live?

    Studio Sweat On Demand had a special: One year for $99 so I bought it for the spinning. Cathe has only so many workouts and I spin twice a weak for my cardio, so I need more variety. They have a great variety of spin classes - from short ones, ones with other workouts included, all different...
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    Cathe Compendium 2017

    OK, so I got as far as the abs section - OMG! I've been dying for a list of all the workouts with abs on them because sometimes I'll do 3 or 4 in a row on a weekend when I have time to put in a really good ab workout.
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    So, does anyone know any maintenance guys to ask?
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    Peloton ads pop up on my Facebook page. I will have to check it out!
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    Thank you DirtDiva! I was born and raised in Wisconsin! Whoohooo! I, too, am a fan of top loaders rather than the front loaders -- just something about that makes me nervous. I will check this out.
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    What's the best spin bike?
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    Thanks everyone! I once heard Bosch dishwashers were good, too.
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    Washing Machines and Dishwashers

    I will be in the market for these two appliances in the near future and I wanted to poll everyone for their opinions for the best ones to get. I never had a problem with a washing machine until my last one - a Samsung - that rusted all around the bleach dispenser. So, now I'm going to be more...
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    Rubber plates

    Then, does anyone have rubber plates? I'm interested in the best quality brands, naturally. I've never had them, but I know sometimes the rubber can tear - thinking of the dumbbells I had. And, considering, nothing lasts forever, and knowing they can tear just from usage, eventually.
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    Talk to me about Cathe Live

    I also asked everyone here before I signed up. Totally worth it. I absolutely love Cathe in a live format. It's like you're there with them all. It's a whole new collection of Cathe workouts I can tap into for change. I do more live workouts than DVDs.
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    Anyone try these?