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    We tried for 8 pregnant and had a miscarriage...tried for another 8 months...did one round of Clomid 50mg Cycle days 5-9 and got pregnant the 1st try. I was already ovulating on my own. I believe the Clomid just gave the egg a little boost and helped my progesterone. I am 37...
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    maternity fitness clothing

    I wear a maternity tank top and maternity shorts from Old At 34 weeks they still fit great. Not sure about belts. My doctor doesn't recommend them because although it may relief some only puts strain on others.
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    Moms to be check in May 7th

    Hi! Do you all mind if I check in with you?? I am 24 weeks along. Before I got pregnant I was loving the new Hard Core series (I have all of Cathe's DVDs). I found out I was pregnant just before Christmas and pretty much quit working out except for walking. But living in Houston it's far...
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    I am gaining unnecessary weight! :(

    After I found out I was pregnant I quit working out to Cathe for about 8 weeks or so. After I got over the morning sickness I started walking. I walk most days of the week for about 30-45 minutes. That seems to work for me. I keep thinking I'll get the step out again and do some of the beginner...
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    TTC...How Long Did It Take You?

    I just turned 31. We started TTC when I was 29. I went off the pill in August. Started ovulating around cycle day 18 regularly. Got pregnant finally after 8 months. Unfortunately that ended in a miscarriage and D&C at 9 weeks. Another 8 months went luck. Finally the doctor tried me on...
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    pregnancy check in jan 28

    Wow! You all are impressive with your workouts. I did start exercising again this past week and was happy with what I did do. Mon- Walk 1 hour Tuesday- Basic Step Wednesday- Body Fusion Thursday- Walk 1 hour Sunday- Walk 1 hour 2 more weeks until my next appointment and ultrasound...
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    moms 2 be check in week of Jan 22

    Hi Ladies! Wondering if I could join in?? I had a miscarriage last year 05/05/05 at 9 weeks (no growth of fetus after 7w4d) so I'm a little cautious about this one. I am currently 9weeks 1 day. This will be my first. DH and I tried for 8 months with the first pregnancy then 8 months again...
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    Thanks! I know my ob/gyn does a vaginal ultrasound regardless of previous miscarriage at about 9-11 weeks. Because I have had a miscarriage and was taking Clomid the doctor had me go for an hcg blood test and progesterone test today. It's going to be very hard to wait to tell people!!
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    Yes, it will be hard not to spill the news over the holidays. But at this point I don't plan to tell anyone until the end of February (around 14 weeks). We didn't tell anyone the last time (when I miscarried) and I was so glad we hadn't. I am going to not worry about exercise for the next...
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    I tested + today!! I miscarried in May (9 weeks) and finally got pregnant again (1st cycle with Clomid 50mg cycle day 5-9). I'm kind of guarded with this pregnancy knowing the devistation of a miscarriage, but I'm trying to stay positive and send good vibes to the little one. Anyway, just...
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    How soon after miscarriage?

    Hi Teresa, Very sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I miscarried in May 2005 at 9 weeks. Had a D&C and we didn't wait to try again but it took us until just this month (December) to conceive again. The doctor suggested waiting a month, but we didn't do anything to avoid the 1st month...
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    Link- Worksheets

    Thanks...that explains why I can't get on to their web-site :o
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    Link- Worksheets

    Does anyone have a link to Cathe's worksheets? The is not opening up for me. Not sure why. I'm looking for some worksheets for the hardcore series. Thanks for your help! Janna
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    October Rotation: Upper Body Bliss

    Yes! This is exactly what I need. Thank-you so much!
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    Moms 2 B Check In May 1/05

    Not good news They moved my appointment up to this morning. The ultrasound showed that the baby was only measuring 7w4d and it should have been measuring 8.5-9 weeks. There was also no heartbeat. I am scheduled to have a D&C on Thursday morning. I'm certainly glad that we didn't...