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    <--- It's just one of those days...

    <--- has been gone and out of the loop for several days <--- glad she popped in today and noticed the arrow thread <--- is very happy to see the OAL gang and waves to everyone! <--- is quite appalled at what Shelley's boss said! <--- thinks he definitely deserves the wedgie treatment <---...
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    <--- just had to pop back in when <--- saw all the arrows! <--- is really glad to see everyone here again <--- also hopes Stephanie's boys feel better soon <--- loves the new pic of A! <--- wonders if Liann will have some news to share soon? <--- hopes everyone starts feeling sassy and has...
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    Please pray for my baby girl

    So happy and relieved to hear the good news. Hugs to you and your little girl...
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    Hi ladies!!!
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    Books about Girls' Body Image

    It has been forever since I've posted here but this thread caught my eye and I just wanted to share a site I ran across recently: Like many of us here, I can relate to what your daughter is going through and when I discovered Operation Beautiful, I found it to...
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    <--I'm a sweetheart, genius, restless jerk

    <--- runs in and says "Wine?!? Did somebody say wine?!?" <--- arrives to this party a little bit late today <--- waves enthusiastically to all the OAL chickies <--- thanks Robin for trying the arrow thread for another day <--- agrees that this place is a bit on the dull side nowadays <---...
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    <---I take a walk, the sun is shining down

    <--- waves excitedly to all the OAL chickies! <--- is super glad to see the familiar OAL thread today <--- needed to see something happy & familiar for a change <--- wants to send big hugs & lots of positive vibes to Beavs first <--- has been totally MIA for a very long time <--- is still...
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    <--Don't you forget about me

    <--- runs in quickly <--- waves excitedly to Catherine & all who follow <--- is sipping java along with her <--- is also considering getting her hair colored (seeing way to much gray lately) <--- wonders if anyone has tried Natural Instincts? (it's a non-permanent, 28 day color) <--- is...
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    <---been from Tucson to Tucumcari

    <--- slips in & waves to everyone <--- knows it's a bit late but has had such a busy day so far, starting with laundry at 6 a.m. & then lots of errands <--- usually only gets a chance to post in the morning & reads all the replies when it's much too late to post again <--- knows there were...
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    <--Me soul on fire-feeling hot, hot,hot

    <--- runs in quickly <--- is running late & in a super-duper big hurry <--- waves to everyone & apologizes for being so short <--- is only 5'-3 1/2" (LOL) <--- hopes everyone has a fantastic Friday & a great weekend too! <--- runs back out in a flurry Kel
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    My Mom passed away

    (((Jonahnah)))) I'm so sorry to hear about your loss Kel
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    <--a pocket full of mumbles, such are promises

    <--- runs in & waves to everyone <--- didn't get home until about 10 pm yesterday so <--- didn't get a chance to post again <--- was thrilled to see everyone so chatty, though <--- is also thrilled to see more OAL chatter today too! <--- is envious of all going on the RT & hopes they all...
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    <--They are one person, they are two alone

    <--- walks in, drinking coffee, blinking & trying to wake up <--- is excited to see this thread & be able to post before leaving today <--- is glad Robin should have a quiet work station today <--- also loves lists... loves making them & marking the items off <--- hopes Dawn enjoys Insanity...
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    <---can see clearly now

    <--- runs in late & waves to the OAL crowd <--- is sad she missed all the fun today <--- enjoyed reading all the posts, though <--- is headed to the shower & then to make supper <--- sends lots of hugs to all in need before leaving <--- hopes everyone has a great evening! Kel
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    Happy Birthday, Catherine (fit fairy)

    Happy birthday, Ms. Catherine! Hope you have (had) a great day (in spite of going to the dentist)!!! Kel