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    Joe Paterno

    Yeah, those were the times where the media was unbiased and real journalist with ethics were informing people and not sensationalize story. With 24 hour cable news and Court TV this has gotten out of hand. That is true in politics, and in alleged crimes the likes of Nancy Grace and Wendy Murphy...
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    Disney Land in CA or Disney World in FL?
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    Joe Paterno

    I am not saying that they are innocent for sure. I have no idea. Just like no one at this point can say for a fact that they are guilty. All I am saying is not to jump to premature conclusions. I admit that from the reports it looks bad. But no one knows what the eye witnesses actually said, how...
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    Joe Paterno

    I would caution not to jump to premature conclusions. Just because it says so in a police report, the Grand Jury rubber stamps the prosecutors requests and the media goes in a frenzy doesn't mean that it is true. From first hand experience I know more than I care to know about child molestation...
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    Get your mammograms ladies!!!

    I am glad things turned out well for you! I know the pit in the stomach feeling!! I have been battling breast cancer since 2008. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as doing regular mamograms. The radiation can be really dangerous for your health and in fact cause cancer. Mammograms cause...
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    7 Murders in my neighborhood in Grand Rapids

    I heard about it on the news. Just awful!!!!
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    She was never charged with neglect. The jury could not convict her on that. She was charged with child abuse which is different.
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    What I have said about my experience with police officers comes from personal experience where one of my family members was arrested on false accusations and the police officer was lying through his teeth in the police report. He started from a narrative of where he presumed guilt and then...
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    I think it is a little over the line to claim that not only would you recognize a guilty person but also claim that any time someone goes free it is due to defense attorney shenanigans!!!! Isn't it the job of a police detective to do an unbiased investigation?? From personal experience I have...
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    With Jonbenet Ramsey for years both Patsy and John Ramsey were cruzified in the media because they didn't react the way people thought they should and for years they were considered guilty. I am convinced that the murder of her daughter and the constant accusations may have very well played a...
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    Casey Anthony-Your Thoughts

    I was very surprised by the verdict, particularly because Casey Anthony was already tried and convicted by the media and in the court of public opinion. I thought that she would be found guilty. I listened to the prosecution's case and I think the jury did the right thing. Other than that the...
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    Need help explaining family dynamics

    But there are also advantages of maybe exposing my child to a second language and a differerent culture. Just a thought!
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    Any vegans in Catheland?

    Americans are obsessed with protein intake. There are several industries who have done a fabulous job in brainwashing people into believing that we need more protein. Fact is that no one in America has ever been hospitalized for protein deficiency. If anything we eat way too much. If you look at...
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    Coconut Oil? Just make sure that you get raw coconut oil, not hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated oil loses its health benefits and raises cholesterol. You can get it at your local health food store, most organic...
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    Bad reaction to cleanse? (food poisoning-like symptoms)

    I am sorry but that is NOT true. It may be if a person has been eating a clean diet for all of their life. But most of us have been eating the Standard American Diet for quite a while. I just did a colonic after a 2 week green juice fast and I was stunned by what was coming out. Don't want to go...