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    Katherine Heigel as Stephanie Plum?

    Ooh! Shemar Moore as Ranger = PERFECTION!
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    Help! My husband is criticizing me

    I just wanted to say that just because he is thin doesn't mean he is healthier than you. Kudos for working out and watching what you eat!!
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    Does anyone have allergies (pollen/ragweed) that use the Shakeology? I was just wondering if a person needed to worry about the different grasses in it? Anybody with IBS that take it?
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    Newspaper as a weed barrier in garden

    Worms absolutely love newspapers!
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    Bloating from Hell

    If you like the Larabars you might also like the Luna bars - yummy!
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    Professional spray tan?

    LOL - that reminds me of the Friends episode where Ross got REALLY dark on the front side doing a spray tan because he wasn't sure which way to turn!
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    So, what was the LAST concert you saw?

    Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert
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    Just for fun--what was your first concert?

    Bad Company when I was 15 :-)
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    Latisse--not a good thing

    That's weird. I just talked to my eye doctor about trying this and he said it was fine to try. Wouldn't the pigment problem only have the potential to occur if you actually got it in your eye. You just paint it on your lash line correct? I just bought the Latisse kit (haven't opened it) and...
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    Think I'm going to sell my GWF...

    If you've only had it a week can you return it to the place you purchased it?
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    I think I am in love

    I agree that they are quite yummy on HGTV ;-P Eric Strommer - yummy Carter Osterhouse - yummy David Bromsted - yummy
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    Has anyone used a video/dvd or anything else that has really helped their back pain?

    I received the sacro-wedgy yesterday and tried it out for about 8 minutes (you are supposed to work up to 20). I can't really tell if it's going to help or not. It was a little uncomfortable at first but after a few minutes it was better (or maybe I was just numb -lol) I also had a...
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    Has anyone used a video/dvd or anything else that has really helped their back pain?

    I feel your pain. Here is another thread from VF that I started and have gotten some really good ideas: A YaYa also recommended It looks lovely and so soothing...
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    Free eBook - Foam Rolling/Self Myofascial Release

    Thanks for sharing. This is great information!
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    Cathe, STS Shock Cardio Request

    I'd love to see a low impact modifier also.