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    To anyone in the path of the hurricane

    Well, once again, I had a category 4 hurricane go right over my house. We stayed during the whole storm this time and it was the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. We were pretty much on the northeast and northwest side of the storm the whole time with a short brief 20 mins in the...
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    To anyone in the path of the hurricane

    I just wanted to stay good luck and be safe to anyone in the path of the hurricane set to it FL this week. I just finished my prep and now it's just a waiting game to see where it hits. I got hit by Hurricane Charley back in 2004, eye went over my house as a Cat. 4. I live in Port Charlotte so I...
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    ICE Next Week!

    I like the timesaver premix-5 segments removed, for times I feel like I don't need all those jumping jacks. This premix cuts out most, the only one I believe is in it is the angel jacks. It's a fun premix, but since it's shorter in time, it's also great for days you don't have a lot of time but...
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    ICE Next Week!

    ICE is probably my 2nd favorite series from Cathe, with XTRAIN being my favorite. It is so versatile. The only thing for me is, I didn't like this Bootcamp as much as the Strong and Sweaty Bootcamp. I usually will do that one in place of the ICE one. Best of luck, I know what it's like to have...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    I get tested for antibodies for covid to see if I've ever had it and, no I've never had it. So I don't believe the Walmart theory because I go there a few times a month. But I also don't touch my face or anything like that in public like I see a lot of people doing all the time, so that may be...
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    OT-Credit Card Fraud

    I did they same thing with setting up fraud alerts with the credit bureaus too.
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    OT-Credit Card Fraud

    I've had in the past where someone tried to use my credit card but my card company notified me right away to see if it was me. They keep track of what my spending habits are and they stop anything strange. Now I've also had it where they questioned something I tried to order, but I'm fine with...
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    are DVDs still the way to go for premixes?

    On Demand has all the premixes that the dvds have. They are listed under the "blender" tag at the top. When there, select your dvd and then press the pull down arrow (black) and the premixes are there. They are under the blender because that is where you also make you own premixes from Cathe's...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    It's pretty said to think about how many people died, esp. in hospitals, due to lack of proper treatment and care because they would not use the right meds to treat covid.
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    Oldie But Goodie! Slide & Glide!

    I am trying to use more of my older Cathe dvds right now. I have all up to Ripped with HiiT. I've had her On Demand since the start but I might have to take a break from that for a few months so I've decided to go back to all the dvds I have an start using them again. I never realized how much I...
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    Question about blender workouts

    I have to cancel my subscription to Cathe on demand for a little while, my question is, will the workouts I created in the blender for myself be deleted? Or will they stay there for a little while until I can renew in a few months?
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    August 18, 2022

    Just finished and what a great express workout. I went a little heavier and slowed down some of the moves. But as Cathe says, you can go heavier and slower or lighter and faster. I see many ways to change this workout so I put it into my favorites. Really great esp. when you have little time...
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    How Many Had COVID?

    I couldn't have said it better myself. Complete crap on how people were treated with covid and same with people who did or did not want the vaccine (which is not a vaccine, just like a flu shot). Thanks for the info and I'll keep that in mind.
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    Cathe app not updating with new workouts.

    I log out every time I use live on my firestick because it will not load new workouts.
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    anyone else seeing weird message at upper left corner of their screen?

    Yes, I saw it yesterday on the workout manager page but did not have time to inquire. Don't know what it's about either.