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    Les Mills, anyone use??

    Thanks again everyone. I will try these more specific ones on YT. I 've tried some but didn't really care for them but that is why I come here for the best advice. Everyone have a great weekend and don't spend too much money!!!!
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    Les Mills, anyone use??

    That is exactly what I was afraid of. Thanks for your input.
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    Les Mills, anyone use??

    OMG I cannot believe I wrote 30 months, I meant 30 days free. So sorry about that. I guess I can just try the 30 days free but I'm just so use to Cathe, her on demand blender & premixes, the live, and also just her style that I'm not sure if I am going to like it. I do like some of the peloton...
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    Les Mills, anyone use??

    I was wondering if anyone here uses the Les Mills on demand? I have an offer from my health insurance of 30 months free, next month 50% off, then 25% off every month after that. I have only used Cathe and Peloton (mostly yoga). I was just wondering what people think about it or if it's worth it...
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Burn Live Workout

    Was finally able to do this one today and really loved it. I'm am so excited to see that I have a follow up for early next week. This was great for me because I have not be very consistent in my workouts lately, mostly weight work. This felt great. Cannot wait to do the other one.
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    Cathe Live not working

    I was able to play a video on it this morning. I use a firestick. It took a little longer for the home page to come up, but it did and then my workout played fine.
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    Cathe's You Bet Your Upper Body Live Workout

    I was finally able to do this one this am and loved it. It was a great pace. Love the extra shoulder finisher at the end. I think I am going to try and blend a similar workout because I really like the rep and weight ranges and you can never go wrong with adding band work. Thanks for another...
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    CatheLive: Barbell Upper Body

    What number is it?
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    Yoga Relax!

    I to like Yoga Relax, but have not yet tried the premixes. But I do prefer my yoga to be around 30 mins. I've been doing mostly Peloton yoga and am really loving it. I love the different styles of instructors and get to pick how long or short I want my session to be. I had a free trial and ended...
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    How to remove Cathe new yoga mat smell?

    ASUTRA Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner (Fresh & Unscented), 4 fl oz | Safe for All Mats & No Slippery Residue | Cleans, Restores, Refreshes | Comes w/Microfiber Cleaning Towel | Deep-Cleansing Natural Cleaner for Fitness Gear, Pilates & Gym Equipment I use this on my yoga mat, not a Cathe mat, because...
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    Foam rolling & yoga blocks

    Good to know. I do a lot of yoga and use my blocks more than they even suggest. I really like them for downward dog because it really helps me with my wrists, but helps me make my back longer and helps me straighten my legs more.
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    3 Fit Tower workouts that came with the Fit Tower question.....

    I second that motion. I don't use mine as much because I use the blender or on demand most of the time. I very rarely use my dvds anymore. I would love to see them in the blender.
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    STS 2.0 with lighter weights

    As I've gotten older, I know I cannot go as heavy as Cathe on a lot of moves, mostly when it comes to shoulders. I've had surgery on both my shoulders and am very careful when it comes to that. I also will add bonus band work at the end because I have found that my shoulders respond more and...
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    A request…..

    I'm not a big fan of planks, but I really like the plank on the elbows and she is pushing the plate out then pulling it back in. That one is very effective.
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    A request…..

    I believe Cathe is holding a weight during steups in one the intensity series dvds. It's not the same weight, but they are holding it to their chest.