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    Are my workouts becoming counterproductive?

    I agree with the overtraining comment. I'd suggest cutting back and adding in more "rest". Good luck!
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    Perfect flow question

    Cathe, I would love for one of the Perfect Flow workouts to be a mobility type stretching. I've seen online videos of this but no one has a good dvd of it. Will any of the 2 include mobility training/stretching?
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    Cathe New Series Perfect 30 workouts?

    No brainer for me...I heard the words "Cathe presale" and ordered. With that being said, I am loving the length of these and how they have all aspects of fitness. I'm curious if the yoga workouts will have one that is more flow and one that is more "yin" or with longer holds on stretches...
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    I've looked at Mobility RX and wanted to ask what you think is different from Mark's training versus regular flexibility training. (or say Essentrics) I might be interested in adding this dvd to my routine.
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    Pyramid Pump--premixes?

    I am curious as to what premixes (if any) were chosen for Pyramid Pump. I love that you added Pyramid Lower Body to Stacked Upper Body. Can't wait to put all of these into an awesome rotation!
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    Wondering How Long Each of the New LITE Workouts Is?

    On the bonus Pyramid Pump dvd, will any of the extras be included? If so, what?
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    New step platform

    I saw this deal on Amazon, under $50. It looks like The Step...
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Yes! Heck yea! Order placed the minute I saw the email! They sound wonderful.
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    Strong by Zumba

    Wow! I came across this on Amazon. Zumba to the beat. You can watch a little clip on Amazon. Anyone else think this looks good? Denise
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    YES PLEASE! I want the pace to be just what that Ice series is supposed to be--intermediate. I don't want any crawling on floor or burpees/air jacks. I want solid weight training incorporating bands to really blast the muscle. I absolutely adore Metabolic Total Body-more of this for sure...
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    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Love this forum! I hadn't heard about Mark's workout so I searched youtube. His stuff looks very good, nice slower pace so you can really get into correct position. I think this is going on my "want" list!
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    Fit Split Shipping Update

    Yeah! Expecting mine here in Indiana, first class mail, on Tuesday! Perfect for the new year!
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    So loving 30 minute workouts right now

    Hi! I would say that they are more intermediate but can be made more advance. Hope that helps! Denise
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    So loving 30 minute workouts right now

    Hi! I am really enjoying 30 minute workouts right now. I'm doing Jessica Smith's new Walk Strong 3 8 week program (). It is very well rounded and each workout is only 30 minutes long. I also recently got Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Build and Burn (). 5 days, 30 minutes each. I also plan to use...
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    Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Loops & Dumbbells

    Wow, I love all of these and hope Cathe includes them all. Very unique!