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    I've looked at Mobility RX and wanted to ask what you think is different from Mark's training versus regular flexibility training. (or say Essentrics) I might be interested in adding this dvd to my routine.
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    Pyramid Pump--premixes?

    I am curious as to what premixes (if any) were chosen for Pyramid Pump. I love that you added Pyramid Lower Body to Stacked Upper Body. Can't wait to put all of these into an awesome rotation!
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    Wondering How Long Each of the New LITE Workouts Is?

    On the bonus Pyramid Pump dvd, will any of the extras be included? If so, what?
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    New step platform

    I saw this deal on Amazon, under $50. It looks like The Step...
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Yes! Heck yea! Order placed the minute I saw the email! They sound wonderful.
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    Strong by Zumba

    Wow! I came across this on Amazon. Zumba to the beat. You can watch a little clip on Amazon. Anyone else think this looks good? Denise
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    YES PLEASE! I want the pace to be just what that Ice series is supposed to be--intermediate. I don't want any crawling on floor or burpees/air jacks. I want solid weight training incorporating bands to really blast the muscle. I absolutely adore Metabolic Total Body-more of this for sure...
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    Best DVDs for Functional Fitness

    Love this forum! I hadn't heard about Mark's workout so I searched youtube. His stuff looks very good, nice slower pace so you can really get into correct position. I think this is going on my "want" list!
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    Fit Split Shipping Update

    Yeah! Expecting mine here in Indiana, first class mail, on Tuesday! Perfect for the new year!
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    So loving 30 minute workouts right now

    Hi! I would say that they are more intermediate but can be made more advance. Hope that helps! Denise
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    So loving 30 minute workouts right now

    Hi! I am really enjoying 30 minute workouts right now. I'm doing Jessica Smith's new Walk Strong 3 8 week program (). It is very well rounded and each workout is only 30 minutes long. I also recently got Kelly Coffey-Meyer's Build and Burn (). 5 days, 30 minutes each. I also plan to use...
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    Fit Split Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Loops & Dumbbells

    Wow, I love all of these and hope Cathe includes them all. Very unique!
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    Fit Split Push Day Fits Your Busy Schedule

    Yes, yes, YES! As someone else stated we can get bonus abs off the other dvd, so please make a total body premix!
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    Workout Manager question

    Thanks for answering! I appreciate it!
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    Workout Manager question

    Hi! In the past when I'd check that I completed a workout, it would show up on my Facebook feed. It is no longer doing that. Does anyone know how to fix that so it will show up? Thanks in advance! Denise