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  • Hi Cygnus1889,

    Thanks for your lovely message and advice, through your reply I found the England Cathe Fans, so i have joined that. (Hope they don't mind). The Asics Gel Evolution shoe sounds to be a good shoe and i am seriously considering this, although i hope you don't mind i have asked members of the England Cathe Fans for suggestions also, this was before i got your message. I too am trying to lose weight especially after the Christmas period. Can i ask which of Cathes DVD's would give the best results for losing weight and toning up. I have only one of her DVD's (Low Impact Circuit) which is brilliant. I also do Jari Loves (Get Extremely Ripped 1000) which is a toughy. I try and sheer clear of High Impact DVD's due to previous knee injuries, so hence the mad hunt for a good crosstrainer.

    Thanks again for your advice and friendship.
    Hi Cygnus1889,

    Just a short message to say thanks for your advice on crosstrainers, the asics gel evolution, can i ask is there good lateral support with these shoes for side to side movements and how long have you been using them. I love asics shoes and own a pair of Asics Gel 140TR crosstrainers but unfortunately they are very heavy when doing step. I hope you don't mind me leaving this message here, it is so nice to hear from someone else from the U.K. I have only just joined Cathe Nation, so I am not sure if this is the correct way or place for returning your message. Many thanks, Annie.
    Hi Josey

    Hope you are well. Are you still doing STS? I'm on disc twenty one meso 2. I don,t know if I look slimmer but I feel stronger. My eating hasn't been that clean. I just wondered if you'd preordered STS Cardio. I couldn't resist so I asked my DH if I could have it as my birthday present. Hopefully we won't have to wait so longer for sts cardio. Anyway take care and hope you're okay.
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