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    2 Days To Go

    Yippee, I'm SO Excited! It is a beautiful day outside and I know it's only going to be getting warmer for the weekend. We're happy to show off our beautiful San Diego to all of you : ) It will be in the 70's so be ready for a little sunshine! Nicole
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    6 Days To Go

    Can't Wait!! I'm so excited Cathe! I can't wait to meet you and have you kick my butt : ) Nicole
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    Who is joining me in San Diego?

    Yay!!!! My name is Nicole and I am a 33-year old mother of 3 boys. I live in San Diego and was extremely excited to hear that Cathe was bringing her Road Trip to my back yard!! I almost went a couple of times to the New Jersey Road Trip but never made it. I am coming with my best friend Sarah...
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    January Rotation

    Can't wait for a STS Rotation! I have tried Circuit Blast, 30/30 & Cardio Core Circuit. I love them all! The best part is I only had to preview them quickly then off I went. I'm glad there are several tough workouts with only little choreography so I can just jump in and do them : ) I'm anxious...
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    Coolers!!! Good morning from Jersey!!!

    Thanks all for the congrats! DH and I spent the weekend at the beach and the mountains. We are so lucky to have both 1/2 hour either way from our house. It was nice to talk about our hopes and dreams without interruption:) Wendy & Debra, Sounds like you're having a blast together! I must have...
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    Coolers!!! Good morning from Jersey!!!

    Hi gals, I'm so jealous of the fun Wendy and Debra are having:) Jeanette, Tell DH Happy Birthday! Dh and I had a fun weekend together celebrating our 10th anniversary or adversary like he says:) Have a great weekend all, Nicole
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    ***Watercoolers, Woop-a** Wednesday***

    Tracy, So sorry to hear about your FIL. I know it has been a long road for you to this point and I'm sure it brings some sense of relief for all. Tell DH you and he are in my prayers. Hi to Debra, Laurie, Kim, Wendy, Jeanette. Traci and Patricia!!!! Nicole
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    *** Watercoolers - Wet Wet Monday ****

    Just popping in to say hi!! Looks like you all are staying busy as bees. The boys are home until the end of August so my days are filled with one adventure after another:) I'm still getting my workouts in everyday. I have been doing endurance based workouts because it seems to keep my...
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    ***Watercoolers, Sensational Saturday!***

    Hi Girls, I see Jeanette is back:) I hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend! Love to all, Nicole
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    *** Watercoolers Learning New Tricks Monday****

    Just seeing if I can figure this all out:) Hope all is well in your world today!! I am on birthday countdown mode so I am trying to workout extra ard right now because I know I'll have some Coldstone on my birthday:9 Miss you all bunches!!! Nicole
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    ********Watercoolers; Fantastic Friday********

    Happy Fourth of July all!!! The boys are off at a parade so I am here cleaning, surprise!:) Wendy, So sorry you had to endure rain without me:( I'm over though because you got to go see Eoin and now you're showing off your fancy shirt;) Debra, Glad to see you got to make the trek to...
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    Watercooler Monday

    My, my I take a break from the web and everyone goes to see Eoin!!!!! I am soooo jealous! Hey girls, It's been crazy around here with the boys at home all of the time. I have resorted to turning off the computer because it's the only way I'll steer clear:P Not much going on here but life...
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    July 08 Rotation

    RE: July 08 Rotation Questions This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks Cathe, Nicole Feel the burn!!! [/url]
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    Favorite yoga DVDs

    I have both of Eoin Finn's power Yoga for Happiness and LOVE them! I really like his personality and the flow of his yoga. Each DVD has about 6-8 different workouts that very in length from 30-90 min. Nicole
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    30 to 40 minute cardio premixes/mishmoshes

    No problem, Glad my OCD could be of use to others:D You should see the rest of my Cathe folder! Nicole Feel the burn!!! [/url]