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    Meal Package for Guests?

    I've registered for San Diego and will be coming with a guest... Am I able to purchase a meal package so that he can attend the meals/feast/party? Sorry ahead of time if it's clearly listed somewhere... but I couldn't find the info anywhere on-line... Thanks! Amber
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    10# challenge

    Felt like a very old woman getting out of bed today. The thought of biking to the gym was too painful. Was prepping for today's party last night, hauling boxes of food and cases of water, beer and soda, sweeping and mopping and moving furniture...think my back and shoulder just said no this a.m...
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    #10 - Challenge 10/8

    OK, I did drink the wine Tuesday night and ate the food but luckily we just did small plates... 2 raviolis here, one small bruschetta there so did not do too bad calorie wise. Except did not make morning workout on Wed, snoozed right through... Ate well yest B- Kashi Go Lean Crunch w/skim...
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    10# Challenge 10/6

    Finished up yesterday pretty well. Had 1/2 a RB sandwich and veggies with hummus (will eat the other half today). Went a bit over for dinner last night since I had the big calorie burn yesterday...not wise but at least not too much damage. 30 min circuit this morning for 375 calories. Go Lean...
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    #10 Challenge - 10/5

    Congrats, Therese and Debbie. Good work! Debbie (WIP) - I always hated to run so applaud those that can do it. But if knee really bothering you it's likely the impact so try something less high impact like cycling or get on the elliptical and let the knee chill out for awhile. It can be...
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    10# challenge for 9/30

    I hope you don't mind a 'lurker' starting the the thread today... Though I don't post often ( I generally check in late) I do try to catch up on the threads. I just caught up on Mon and Tues and had some major deja vu... Cindi - Thanks for posting the CIA info. I had been a 'background...
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    #10 Challenge - Sept 28

    My bad, I have not checked in since last Monday. Only got 3 workouts in last week but I'm also packing, etc. to prep for move so that helped. Didn't journal food but was more aware of comsumption, the obligatory cheat Sat night for friends party but otherwise I guees I did okay as I lost...
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    10# Challenge 9/22

    I'm a night owl with a forced early bird schedule. I read posts late except for rare occ yesterday. If I don't get in w/o first thing in a.m., it ain't gonna happen. My day goes to hell in a handbasket as soon as I walk in the door at work. Slept thru w/o alarm this morning talked myself in...
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    10# Challenge 9/21

    Debbie- I went into CatheFun and reentered starting weight, current weight and goal weight and hit save.... and it updated my ticker (didn't cut or paste anything). Hope it works for you.... Amber
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    10# Challenge 9/21

    Soounds like veryone is back on the wagon.... I did poorly with the blog last week and did not do all my workouts during the week but cleaning out the garage this weekend gave it a boost (I hate moving). Did ok with the food except for the gorgonzola sauce on the pasta Sat (but it is the best...
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    The 10# Challenge

    Hi All- I'm glad I was able to locate this thread, couldn't find it this a.m. Thanks to all who started it. Though I have a good 40-50lbs to lose this will be a good start for me. I have been working out again (good week, bad week) but scale not going anywhere (not that the wine I consume...
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    Anyone interested in a 10 lb check in/challenge?

    I'd like to join in as well. I just visited the forums for the first time though I have been tracking my workouts and diet in workout manager for a few months.I have started working out again but the scale isn't going anywhere... the challenge should help. Hopefully I can figure out where...