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Warm up Power Packed Karen Voight with mom. //
Margaret Richard TV shows 1621-1624 Legs w 4lb Ankle weights+Andre Houle Advanced Step 40m + CIA1001 pt1 16m =ttl cardio 56m +Look Great Naked Abs section 3 10m
Margaret Richard TV shows 1621-1624 Upper Body segs + Look Great naked Abs segment two 10m + Cathe Friedrich M.I.C. Hi-Lo & Step (I turned this into an Interval wo. with some recovery minutes when I got winded.
Strong and Sweaty PHA training- the title says it all.
New one- Like it!
I love the cardio effect from that one! It amazes me that I can get that kind of cardio workout without jumping! I'm looking forward to the new PHA on the upcoming LITE series!