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Any runners incorporating To The Mat floor workouts?

Discussion in 'Cathe Video & DVD Questions and Comments' started by carrie_moley@yahoo.com, Mar 19, 2017 at 8:27 PM.

  1. carrie_moley@yahoo.com Cathlete

    Apr 7, 2012
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    I was a long time runner from my 20s to my mid 40s until I was beset by Achilles and hip issues. I gave up running for a few years (concentrating on Cathe workouts and strength training) and my injuries healed. Since then, I have committed to doing 1 tough 5k (very hilly and up a canyon) and 1 tough 10k each year, but find my hip bothers me after running hills. I was wondering if I would commit to doing the To The Mat video from the ICE series twice a week, would that strengthen my hip area and enable me to run pain-free.

    Anyone out them in my same situation, and any good results?

  2. maddiesmum Cathlete

    Apr 2, 2006
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    Hi Carrie:

    I seem to be a lot like you in my response to intense running training, so I have not done too much of it as of late either, even though I have never enjoyed any exercise as much as I have always loved running. Hip pains, pretty much same as you, ITB puling on the hip area, etc, etc. I think, therefore, that the exercises you need are exactly those featured in To the Mat, but also, include as much firewalker moves as you can, frequently, to strengthen the gluteus medius and minimus, and gliding discs sections of Slide and Glide and High reps. All these are the sorts of exercises I was always encouraged to do in physical therapy after knee, hip, ITB injuries and issues. Also consider powerwalking those hills. As a result of the gliding disc work, mat exercises, clam shell moves, firewalker moves and powerwalking as many hills as possible each week, I can visibly see and feel the extra muscle and strength I now have in the hip/gluteus medius area, which I never had as a runner. This additional strength protects the hip, and provides mobility and strength through hip/ITB/knee chain, and stronger glutes are the bedrock of this support system.

    Oh, and I forgot: if you have the STS series, in Meso 1, there's an extra/bonus disc of lower body moves (sorry, I forget the disc #): practically that entire disc could have been recommended by my physical therapists for running injuries over the years! Get it and do it weekly!!!

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  3. gratefuldog Cathlete

    Nov 8, 2011
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    I think it was disc 9. I just did it a few weeks ago.

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