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Poor Cathe... So many requests from such a large and adoring public. I have seen a lot of requests on the boards for beginner/intermediate workouts. Clearly, she's responding by producing LITE. I, for one, enthusiastically support her continued production of advanced workouts that I can't find anywhere else on the market. STS 2? It might be too big a production, but an even more advanced lifting routine plus complementary 'shocking cardio' would be fantastic. Phenomenal. Anyway, I just wanted to give my support for all her advanced productions to date, and any that might come in the future.
I agree with every single post above. I would not loved cathe any other way therefore we should leave her to her level ! I am not referring to weight bonus segment sprinkled in recent series.

I love striving for intensity in a fun way. There aren't many out there Who can deliver.

I love being pushed by cathe Friedrich. I mean it in all form of meaning so bring on those push up.:p:p:cool:;)

Oh by the way, I love the new revamped forum. Thanks for the enhancement.
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Just chiming in here to say yes please to another advanced, complete series. Let "everybody else" make the beginner/intermediate workouts, and let Cathe stick to being Cathe - which means an advanced approach to safe, effective, and balanced workouts.
"every body else"  ;) can make beginner. Let cathe do what she's Known for. Advanced. Many of us still have our heart to it, at our best safe ability.

People just need to leave her to it !
I would love a series of metabolic workouts, with compound exercises and plyo moves. Circuits that really amp up cardio moves followed by compound exercises working every muscle group even allowing for them to be plyo-cized if desired.
I kind of feel like I have to bump this to the top again, with all the requests for "easy" workouts. I will also note that since XTrain (which was more intermediate-advanced) many years ago, we have not really had a fully comprehensive "advanced" series. (*Maybe* Ripped with Hiit counts, but I don't count Strong and Sweaty, since it isn't really a comprehensive program) Meanwhile, we've already have had ICE and LITE, both of which are very comprehensive and versatile, but geared to intermediate. I have only ever bought Cathe because she does advanced workouts. You simply cannot get safe and effective workouts anywhere else, whereas the rest of the market is full of beginner and intermediate workouts. Beachbody has advanced programs, but I consider many of the Beachbody workouts not as safe as Cathe's.

I just did a Gym Style workout today (unplanned deviation from my current XTrain rotation due to a foot injury) and was blown away by how wiped out I was compared to the XTrain Burn Sets workouts which I have been doing. (I haven't done a Gym Styles rotation in many, many years) I have completely forgotten how much tougher Cathe workouts used to be.

So yes, can I place my vote again for a genuinely tough, advanced, comprehensive program with updated fitness science.

I feel like I can't repeat this enough - there are plenty of fitness instructors out there that produce beginner and intermediate workouts, and they do a fine job. But there is no one that does advanced like Cathe in a safe manner that is backed by science. Cathe has only so many hours in the day to devote to projects like the rest of us. Please, please, let her focus on what she does best - ADVANCED.
I agree. Cathe workouts historically have been the ones I turn to when I don't want to waste time with moves that don't challenge me. They do the job, do it well, and are fun to do. That requires great skill and a professionalism not seen in many others. Being a Cathlete has always implied a certain level of fitness. She should not dilute that.
I should also say that I was happy to have the ICE series after I had surgery last year. I couldn't do anything except light walking for three weeks, so I had to ease back into working out. I'm 68 and at that age you lose your conditioning within a week, so I needed to take gradual steps.

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