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A big thank you to all of our 2012 Glassboro Road Trippers!!!

Discussion in 'Glassboro, NJ - July 27th - Jul 29th, 2012' started by SNM Videos, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. SNM Videos Administrator

    Dec 31, 1999
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    A big thank you to all of our 2012 Glassboro Road Trippers!!! I apologize for my delay in sending this message out but as I mentioned on the RT my father is battling cancer and currently enduring a rough patch where he needs my family's help and support.

    I'd like to thank you all for coming out to the roadtrip and sharing a wonderful weekend with me. I love having the roadtrips as it gives me the opportunity to meet you on a whole other, more personal level. We can laugh together and share fun jokes while we sweat it out in full Cathlete style!

    From the opening workout to the goodbye breakfast, each and every minute was filled with non stop action, loads of warm hugs and tons of pictures and video to prove it. What was extra fun was that we were able to live stream the event ( with much better technology) so that you could tell your family to watch you come over to the camera and say hi to them. Fun Stuff!
    How about the sound of hundreds of feet in unison working out in pure bliss on total adrenaline...a sound to remember! Yup, there was no time for down time while we paced ourselves through seven high energy workouts. I say seven because this years Zumba was definitely more than just a dance party. You "shook it" good and it was all Gladys's fault, ha ha!

    I think we can all agree that one of the most touching and emotionally driven workouts was our DEDICATION WORKOUT, the workout that gave all of our friends and family who suffer from cancer and other illnesses a good dose of our positive energy to fuel them with the happy and positive light they need to help fight the fight.

    I also hope you enjoyed meeting the cast, seeing the set, and being filmed on the set. That is something that is unique to our Glassboro roadtrips and provides a neat perspective that changes how you look at your DVDs when you go home and do them again.

    What I enjoy witnessing with each roadtrip is the unique and special bond that is built amongst friends and fitness enthusiasts alike. It's so fun to watch you talk about your favorite moves in my workouts or the reactions your family members have when you talk about your Cathe workouts. It's so fun to talk to other Cathletes who
    Just " get it"!

    I so do wish I could reminisce some more but I do have to sign off for now. I'd just like to thank everyone on my team who was involved in the effort to help make this years roadtrip a success. They are a tireless driven team who I love very much!!! I'd also like to thank our Cathlete roadtrip coordinators Debbie and Cyndi who volunteer their time to add to everyones roadtrip enjoyment! And last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank all of you, my Cathlete enthusiasts, who are the reason for my inspiration. You keep me going and in more ways then you can imagine and I can't thank you enough for it!!!!

    Can't wait to see you again next year, but until then, on the count of three....one...two...three...CATHLETES ROCK!!!!

  2. AYLE09 Cathlete

    Mar 11, 2009
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    1 cup endurance and 2 cups love... my oh my... what a roadtrip that was :D

    Thank you Cathe... you're the rockinest chick I know ((hug))!
  3. jdimascio Cathlete

    Jan 22, 2010
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    Cathe, thank you for the best Road Trip ever!!!! You are the hostess with the mostess! Seriously, you know how to kick our butts without us even knowing it ...well, until the morning after, but every class was a blast!! It was just 24/7 of FUN FUN FUN!!!
  4. BeethovenRocks Cathlete

    Jul 14, 2006
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    Hi Cathe!

    It's been well exciting as a fly on the wall viewing the live stream of last week's RT meet and greet. Thank you for allowing those who could not make it the opportunity to be part of the events. Wicked track selection for the party music too! The physiques of you + crew remain so inspiring (i.e. your slammin’ bodies are remarkable). I adore your and Cedie’s capris plus LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the shoes. Apart from counting along on DVDs, this is the very FIRST time I’ve ever heard Cedie speak so it was a scream just to hear her first words: “It all started when Cathe tried to come on to me – she told me I had nice legs!” Oh my! ;)

    Much appreciated and best wishes to you + crew for a fine summer ahead.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2012
  5. DebbieH Cathlete

    Dec 31, 1999
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    Thank YOU Cathe! This was one of my best RT's ever! I love seeing all my past RT friends and love meeting NEW ones! I had so many laughs, enjoyed so many hugs and just love going thru all the pix that are still being posted on FB! FUN STUFF with FUN FRIENDS! EVERY class was amazing and I loved all your music too! Thank you for everything! I feel blessed and honored to know you & to call you my friend!

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