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Sep 22, 2014
Dec 31, 1999
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Nov 15, 1952 (Age: 65)
Aerobic/MuscleEndurance Instructor

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Cathlete, 65

DebbieH was last seen:
Sep 22, 2014
    1. DebbieH
      Bobbi! Hi, Ohmygosh, it's been a long time! Thank you for getting in touch again! I am so sorry about your husband. Did I know that? Sorry if I am just not remembering. It's so nice to "see" you back. I am doing good other then I just returned from the Cathe RT late last night at midnight. I am dragging bigtime but oh, what a BLAST it was! You have got to attend one sometime. they are life-changing! Besides Cathe being a special friend, I have made so many lifelong friends & memories. I am doing great. I just celebrated 40 years with my dear hubby & so thankful to God for him, so it breaks my heart to hear about your situation! I also have 3 grandkids now! :) Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing!!! HUGS!
    2. Bobbi
      Hello, Debbie. It's Bobbi from years ago. How I loved your posts. So good to see you are still at it. I am coming back after a long time and place away. I am a widow and that story changed my life so I am trying to reinvent myself using what I know works. How are you?
    3. mhunt
      This is mhunt. You had responded to my question about STS&weights. You mentioned that you have Cathe's weighted gloves. I have heard pros and cons about them, just wondering your opinion.
      Thanks again.
    4. syzygy314

      You are lucky your DH will work out with you! Mine will run with me, but that's it! I'm looking forward to some new weight workouts from Cathe as well! That would be awesome!

      I'm still not making any BF progress. It's my weekend splurges, I think. It's not just one meal, but the whole weekend! :eek: Guess I need to do something about that, like stop it! LOL!

      Keep up the good work, too! :D Happy running and check in now and then to let me know what progress you're making! Maybe we can inspire each other to really work on that BF!
    5. syzygy314
      Hi Debbie!

      Thanks! It was all Cathe! I started out with Cardio Fusion 3x per week. I was waaay out of shape then (Feb. 2009). As I started getting better at that, I added in Step, Jump & Pump once a week. In March, I found the forum and joined. I learned about clean eating here and bought Tosca's book, read it in one day and began that program of eating in May. Besides that, I have done nothing else other than all Cathe and C25K, so I started running, too!

      It took me about 6 months to get to goal and now I'm just on maintenance! I am trying to drop some body fat, but that's a whole other challenge! I don't really want to lose more weight, just BF%.

      I loved STS! I was almost depressed when I finished! I didn't know what to do with myself at first! LOL! Now, I'm pulling out some of Cathe's older rotations from before Shock Cardio since I don't have those yet.

      TMI?? I hope not!

      Thanks again!
    6. DebbieH
      Just so I am sure...is this Amanda? If sooo, it was a great pleasure to meet you AND your mom! FUN time!!!!
    7. Aaroneet
      Pleasure meeting you during the Road Trip. Hope to see you next year.
    8. Cosmo Mom
      Cosmo Mom
      Hi Debbie- I just befriended you today! I see you on the forums all the time and guess we'll meet at the Road Trip. I'm so ready!!

      Have a great weekend!
      Cheryl (Cosmo Mom)
    9. RetroFit
      STS Day - Feb 16, 2009

      (ha, dh said Valentine's day was nothing...STS, STS, STS was all I could think about this weekend!). ;)
    10. lisab99
      Hi Debbie - You have SO many DVDs. How impressive. No wonder you look so good in your picture!
    11. DebbieH
      There's no word to describe how FUN! We are loving it! And, now that yours arrived, I'll be waiting to hear the same reaction from you! :)
    12. RetroFit
      Hey Deb, How's STS going???:p
    13. DebbieH
      Hi Bobbi! Sooo great to see you back. I missed you. I don't get much Internet time these days...seems like between GK's, classes and life in general, it is one thing that has been put on back burner many times. I get upset about it as this is my FAV place to come. I miss chatting with all the gals! (& a couple guys! Ha!) I sooo hope you make a RT some year. I have always wanted to meet you in the flesh! Ha! How are you? Did you know I have a THIRD GC now? He is 9 months! What a JOY they all 3 are! Kennedy is 7 & Colton is 4...the baby's name is Cooper. How are your injuries? Are you back at it? Thanks for the hello...HUGS!
    14. Bobbi
      Hello, Debbie, it is I, Bobbi, the prodigal child, gone too long from the forums and my hve they changed! How are yoou, you lovely woman?
      1. Bev S likes this.
    15. dbelden1
      Thanks Debbie - Look forward to it! :)
    16. jolene_hajj
      It was so great meeting you and spending time on the July RT - Jess and I are STILL talking about it, and I mean daily!! We're committed to getting Jen there next year too :) Looking forward to STS as well, as we speak! :) Take care! Talk soon!
    17. jtlane25
      Thanks for the friend add!
    18. jtlane25
      HI Deb! Just wanted to send you a friend invite. I'm having issues. Sigh.... I dye my hair brown! Giggle... I "think" I need help!

      High Fives--
    19. elliemom
      Hi Deb,
      Your mailbox is full, so I can't PM you!!!!
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    Nov 15, 1952 (Age: 65)
    Aerobic/MuscleEndurance Instructor
    When I began doing Cathe Workouts:
    December 1999
    How I found out about Cathe Workouts:
    Thru Shape Magazine! I saw her cute hairdo and tore the pic out to take to my hairdresser!
    Why I love doing Cathe Workouts:
    She is the BEST! She knows how to make exercise fun. I own every workout she has made and not one is boring! Keep 'em coming!
    Where I work out most often:
    Both Home & Gym