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HIIT pyramid today. Used my HR monitor- increased recovery time if my HR didn't come down enough in between exercises.
I have been doing a lot of research into diet and exercise especially for women over 50 and I am changing things up. I have been way too sore and gaining abdominal weight while working out hard 6 days a week. Something had to change. So I am starting something new- HIIT 2Xs/week and the other days EASY cardio- a run or walk depending on how I feel. Lots of recovery time.
RWH- Chest, shoulders and tris. I have DOMS in every muscle of my body from the last 2 workouts. So today I felt a little weaker then normal and it showed in how much I could lift. On a good note- work was very slow today so I also did an easy 30 minute run on the TM before lunch- love having my office at home.
Back from being away most of the first part of this year. Have been on a dozen different planes. Have been running and strength training. Now that I am home I am going to follow the Feb rotation. LITE SBSS Lower. This is intermediate?!?!
Kathy Smith Great Buns, Hips & Thighs 60m+Denise Austin Rock Hard Non-stop Abs 10m+ Cia1001 Tamilee/ Tracy York pt 2&3 Treadmill 40m 3.5 (lead mom through leg lifts 20m)
CIA2102 PowerBar Training Alison & Shannon 1h20m I heavied up + GM211 Hi-Lo Jeff Vandiver
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Lucia A
Lucia A
Shannon said that maybe Cathe may have said but I never caught: For lunges onto the step it's an up and down motion as opposed to forward and back. That's easier on the knees, so I was able to do them (it's been months!)
Firm Parts Sculpted Buns, Hips&Thighs TracyLong +Hot Steps Kari Anderson Treadmill (red face wo!)(with mom warm up Reebok Versa+pt1 Tammi Total Body stretch)
LITE Stacked Upper Body+Abs& extended str. +
GM311 Low Jam Andre Houle alternate w Treadmill/Rebounder+ final stretch->weightloss Kathy Smith.
The Firm Complete Aerobic WeightTraining Circuit w Emily BMG 1h25m I rewound did extra sets. I wore 4lb ankle weights during the entire workout. Leg lifts instead of squats and lunges.
LITE Cardio Party Basic Mix#7 +step+abs+extend str.
Wow! Love,Love,Love,Love,Love!
Did I mention I Loved it?
I did the Step section without a step, and she still got me winded!
As she said, almost like an Imax!
Still travelling. Have been going to the hotel gyms pretty steady but forgetting to post.
A mix of running and weights. More importantly, My diet has been decent- I haven’t been to the dessert line yet.