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Your reviews are Awesome ~
I've been adding them to my Cathe Rotation Journal...
They really help me to get the most out of my workouts.

Trying to get my life back on so many levels. Fitness usually helps balance all other areas. So ready for this reset.
Jane Power-Grimm
Jane Power-Grimm
Love your comment, "Fitness usually helps balance all other areas." Totally agree! Start with getting a fun fitness routine in place and making other changes gets so much easier! Good luck with your reset Girlyfit!
Today CIA2502 Power to the third interval workout with medicine ball alternating with cardio. So as usual I added weight work which she doesn't do. Bench press, rows, Biceps, Militaries, flies etc and when she does lunges I do leg lifts. Then Abs + my Treadmill for the cardio segments.
Ok, very strange, I lost weight, almost 10 lbs now, I thought I would never lose 1!
Every day after lunch, as a desert, I eat an apple. Sometimes I serve myself a smaller serving of food because I want to be able to eat it.
I didn't think it was possible but I tried different scales including my dr's office they all say the same. And I'm not even exercising the way I should. Can you say "stunned"?
I finally started walking again yesterday and today, now if only I could get my weights out from storage then I hope to get back to working out again.
It is time to take care of yourself as well as you help us take care of ourselves. Be a good patient (easier said than done). Best wishes and heartfelt thoughts your way for a successful and rapid recovery.
Best wishes to Cathe Friedrich - one of the nicest, genuine people in the media world. If you have never done any of her workouts I urge you to discover her. Here's to a speedy recovery and good health!
Total Body Stretching - Ball Workout #1 - incredibly RELAXING! Ahhhh... Perfect mid-winter, mid-covid self care routine!
I purchased a new Treadmill! Yeah!
Proform. I made sure it had a bar under the console (like my previous one) so that I can do pull-ups on it.

So today I walked 30 min @ 3.7 ... it's been so long my legs ache.
Today I went to walk on my Treadmill since July of last year. And it seems lightning from some storm burned out the engine on it. So I went for a walk around the neighborhood for 30 minutes.
Finally something that feels like a workout!
Metabolic Med Ball Blast (Live #308) breathed life into my week with a workout unlike any of the DVDs! So fun, so fresh, so effective and all in 37 mins!
Yesterday was IMAX 4 with bonus abs. Today I wanted to try Ripped w/ HiiT Lift It Hit It, chest tris and shoulders. Welp, the dvd doesn't work, siiighhh. But! Instead I did HiiT Circuit Upper Body and I'm glad I did. It was fun! Finishing my green smoothie and then heading out for a walk with DH.