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Completed STS 3 1/2 month cycle in July. Three weeks into Xtrain. LOVE STS! I really noticed a change in my physique during the third month. Heavy lifting is where it's at! Anyone else?
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Jane Power-Grimm
Jane Power-Grimm
I did STS and XTrain this year too. They are simply the two best programs out there! Good for you for completing them nutrition 73! Glad you saw good results. Gotta love liftin'!
Cycling the beautiful Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island (Canada)...conditioning with Cathe makes almost anything possible - mentally & physically!
Cathe Kick, Punch & Crunch..
Whew! Tm at 4.0 45 min

Finally! I've had this one set up for several months now, but I wanted to do it when I felt energetic!

I noticed my vhs is entirely cardio, I got it when it first came out..... now looking at the "Workout Manager" I realize it has Circuit and weights sections.. I don't know if it's the age but I'm into weights more nowadays.
Fitball Upper body Challenge 55m then Cathe Ripped with HiiT Plyo HiiT Two Tm 50m 3.7 (I forgot and kept walking).

I spent an hour getting ready to workout....connecting wires from player to new(used) TV, it turned out the USB cord I had was broken, changed it and was fine. Then sweeping and mopping the floor, I don't know where the dirt comes from.
Fitball Lower Body Challenge Cheryl Soleway (I used 4lb ankle weights)

I was going to follow up with a Cathe but ran out of time.
Total Body workout Victoria Johnson (awt) I rewind & add more Upper Body weights. +
Cathe Ripped with HiiT Low Impact HiiT #2 +Abs 2 TM 30m 3.5
Ripped with HiiT, HiiT Upper Body Circuit, + Abs & str. I interspersed Treadmill at 4.5 & 5.0 within the workout. (You know how I love my TM!)
KY, Lite Body Weight & Bands & the abs & stretch from Cardio & weights. I really enjoyed this!
Finished week 1! KY, ICE Muscle Meltdowns Chest, Shoulders & Triceps & my own stretches. It’s so beautiful we also did a 30 minute hilly walk. Lost 4.5 pounds this week, which is too much. I guess Cathe really did create a weight loss rotation!
KY, ICE Chiseled LB + Icey Core 2
I wasn’t sure about this choice when I started but soon thereafter I realized that this one was perfect for my goals. I pretty much jumped the whole thing. Working on reclaiming my IMAX abilities.
OFF day per my Rotation Template so only 30 minutes of KY. I weathered the 8” step with only a tiny bit of soreness in my tibialis anterior which is already gone. No SIJ or neck issues. Loving this rotation but it’s less than a week old.
Nike Total Body Conditioning w Kari Anderson, Donna Richardson & Jeff Vandiver. I did Legs with 4lb ankle weights then Abs then Treadmill 30m at 4.0
KY then IMAX 4 followed by the bonus abs and Chair stretch. It was my first time doing this DVD and I really enjoyed it! I used an 8” step again and lived to tell about it. ;) This abs workout is excellent, especially when you work against the weight rather than allowing the weight to create momentum. Roasty Toasty abs and more today. Love the chair stretch too!