Zumba theme?


Quick question for Cathe, or Chris, or whomever: Is this year's Zumba party going to be 80s themed again? 50s themed? Any other theme? ;-) Just want to know if we have to pack anything special. Thanks!
The agenda on the roadtrip website says 80s zumba dance party with Darlene.

I love the 80s!

I'm in the process of laying out my workout clothes for each class! Less than a week to go.


We heard last night that the theme for the Zumba party is going to be a GLOW theme. "So bring your glow bracelets, glow in the dark anything, blinking accessories, etc! Let's light the place up!"

(Last year's party was 80s themed, and I think they just copied the tentative agenda from that. There may be some other changes as well. The posted schedule is always tentative; we won't know the "real" agenda until registration on Friday.)

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