zone 2 and norwegian 4x4 workouts


I am seeing more and more research into Zone 2 and Norwegian 4X4 cardio workouts. I have done both, but there aren't many out there on YouTube. This could be something to add to any workout series. The Zone 2 cardio is continuous, takes longer, and you can get it doing other types of workouts. The 4X4 is more of an interval style workout, with 4 minutes higher intensity on, and 4 minutes off or at a much lower intensity. 4x4 takes about 30 minutes to do 4 or 5 intervals. Just an idea to work into another series. I would still love to see a core focused series, using the McGill big 3, standing core, and functional core, rather than standard exercises like crunches. The word here is CORE, not just abs.
I think the new series will have a workout for functional core. Thanks for mentioning the other 2 workout ideas - always on the lookout for something new (to me).

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