Your Opion needed - Garmin Forerunner 305


I have GoWearFit. I like it. It really helps me to push my calories burn. But it did not give me heart rate and outdoor mileage. I had polar F2. Again, it did not give me outdoor mileage either. Costco has this model on sale now. It is $150. Do you think it is good value? My DH finally joined my fitness regime. We only have one TM. It is nice outside now in Chicago. We like to walk or even run outdoor in the park while my kids biking with us. But we never know how far we have gone.

Also, do you know any place would offer cheaper price?



That is an awesome price, and I'd say go for it! DH and I love ours and use it constantly. It's reliable, accurate, and no glitches so far. I did a lot of research on the Garmin 305 vs. 405, and decided on the 305 due to not only the cost difference, but a lot of issues with the 405 as well.

Haven't regretted our decision at all!



go for the 305

definitely worth that price! It's almost as addictive as the GoWear Fit! It's fun to compete against yourself and seems very accurate. I train alone usually and like to just pick a route and go...but I was using the Nike+ system and even after calibrating never seemed right. I also chose the 305 over the 405 due to price and poor reviews of the 405. Go for it!


Thank you both, Heidi and Julie.

A few more questions.

Do I need to buy any more accessories? Costco package will come with heart rate strap and 305 monitor itself.

Do I need to be computer geek to get this thing setup? How easy it is to upload and download the data?

If I am running in the park, repeat circling the same path, will it give me the right mileage?


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