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I was doing a lot of yoga before I got pregnant (power yoga). Lately, I've been feeling really tight in my lower back and legs, and I think that yoga would really help. I don't want to go out and get any special pregnancy yoga tapes - I'd rather just modify the tapes that I already have.

I'm wondering if there are any specific poses that I should avoid. I know that I should pay attention to my body and not strive to get into any overly intense positions, and of course modify the "corpse pose" so that I'm not flat on my back, but there are some other poses that I'm not sure about. Specifically I'm thinking about the "up dog" pose, or any other pose where your belly area would be stretched. Also, are there any restrictions on twisting motions? These normally feel fabulous in your back, but I don't want to be tying the poor munchkin in knots.

Any comments you have would be great!

EDD 12/24 (27.75 weeks along)
I definitely would take the twisting movements out of your yoga regimen. They may feel good while you are doing them, but with the pregnancy hormones causing your joints to loosen up I wouldn't advise putting yourself in unstable twisting positions that might further compromise your spine.

I also would like to recommend a reference book to you -"Positive Pregnancy Fitness," by Sylvia Klein-Olkin. Sylvia was one of the "founding mothers" in the field of prenatal fitness. Her specialty was prenatal yoga. Unfortunately, she died a couple of years ago. The book is also a great overall reference and covers many aspects of pregnancy. The aerobic information is a little dated though.

Take care and keep us posted!


Kristin Aziz

Are there any classes in your area, Michelle?

The absolute best thing I did for myself during my second pregancy was to take a pregnancy yoga class. Granted, it wasn't very challenging, but it was wonderful for posture and flexibility. It also sure helped with those aches and pains! The one I took was wonderful in that the instructor specifically addressed poses that would be helpful during labor. She also introduced vocalization (low-pitched, not screaming
), and basically told us to give ourselves permission to use it during labor. We did ujai (sp?) breathing during the class, and Michelle, that's the only breathing technique I needed to use when I was in labor. The class was great, too, because of the comaraderie of the class members. The instructor also served us decaf tea at the end of each class and read a "birth story" submitted by class "graduates." I took these classes through my entire pregnancy--up until I was 41 weeks pregnant! I highly recommend a pregnancy class if you can find one and fit one into your schedule.

I can't believe you're in your 3rd trimester already!





Actually, just after I posted the original question, I got a flier in my mail about prenatal yoga classes offered through my medical facility! I believe that they start next week. I was sort of wavering about taking them (figuring I could just do whatever I wanted at home...), but I think you've convinced me! They encourage hubby's to come too - I need to see if mine can make it.

I can't believe I'm in my 3rd tri either! Yikes! It's really getting close. We are heading to Cleveland this weekend for our shower - I can't wait!

EDD 12/24 w/#1


Thanks Sheila

Thanks for the recommendations Sheila!


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