X train while pregnant?

I'm in the middle of the 3 month undulating rotation which I'm following loosely. I'm about 6 weeks along. I lost my first pregnancy after 8 weeks, so I'm trying to be very cautious. Before my loss, my OB said not to lift more than about 35 lbs and to keep everything low impact, but I don't think she was aware that I typically lift more than this. I was always under the assumption that if your body was used to it, and you felt you were okay, you were probably fine.
I don't want to stop x train, but I don't want to do anything stupid either. I'm thinking probably no tabatacise. I may sub something more low impact, but other than that I think I'm going to continue on. Is that dumb?


Hi, I realize this is a late post. Congrats on your rainbow baby! I too lost a baby at 8 weeks last fall, while training for a half marathon. I don't think that did it, but I kind of wished I'd listened to my body more. I completely understand your desire to be cautious!

That said, I would listen to your doctor's advice on the lifting, pay attention to your energy level day to day, and don't do tabatacise if you don't feel up to it.

Post back and let us know how you're doing!
So far so good! I am 10 weeks 2 day. I had an u/s last week and another this coming week. Keep praying that everything is going well!
Thanks for the good vibes! I really appreciate it! I had an u/s wed and was 13 weeks- so far so good! I waS doing burn set c,b,s yesterday and got really dizzy from the constant up and down off the step, so I had to stop before I could complete shoulders. I was going to try to do the entire upper body yesterday, I guess shoulder, bis, and tris aren't getting worked this week, but oh well. I'm off to do the less impact premix of to the max right now!

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