Would you consider selling individual Fit Split downloads?


I was wondering if you would consider selling the Fit Split workouts as individual workouts in the downloads? I am interested in some of the workouts, but not all of them. Unfortunately, the only option for that series is to buy the entire thing (similar to 4 Day Split, which was also frustrating). I loved how you offered some of the LITE series as individual options to buy. I was able to buy some of the Calorie Crush mini-workouts as individual stand alone downloads which was AWESOME. Would you consider splitting up the Fit Split series workouts so we can buy the ones we want for download? Thanks!


I agree...Fit Split is the only series I don't own. I've done the workouts in On Demand, and still don't really feel that I'd use the whole series. But I would be interested in one or two of the workouts if I could buy them individually.

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