HI Barb,
Just wanted to say that during my pregnancy if it wasn't one thing (getting sick, side stiches) it was another and after the first month of my pregnancy I didn't work out at all. Please don't worry about what your body may look like. Just think about doing what your body tells you is right for that little bundle of joy. Good Luck and congrats!


It gets better for 97% of women!

Hi Barb!

Last year at this time, I was rapidly losing weight. I threw up 8-12 times a day, and some days wandered around in a state of total nausea and starvation. The fatigue, the nausea, the food aversion and heightened sense of smell all drove me up a wall. I felt 100 years old. I started feeling sick around June 6th, and it went away around August 18th (I kept a log). It does go away. For me, I think it was week 15. But when it goes away, it goes away as if it were never there. I still threw up occasionally (when I coughed hard after catching the flu), but thats because my muscles were used to doing that - there was no accompanying nausea.

I didn't work out much at all during this stage. Just focus on feeling better. The middle trimester is really great in terms of feeling well. The first half of the middle trimester is great in that you feel pretty darned good, and you don't have a lot of pregnancy weight getting in your way! Good luck! Next year, you will be cuddling your little one, who won't be so little, and you will be thinking "wow, last year at the time, you were a little zygote, and I was really sick! Now you know your name!


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