Workouts for 2014 Chicago Road Trip

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Cathe classes in Chicago

That's something Cathe will probably not decide until she is at the event and even then that could change based on what she sees when teaching a class.

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Brenda! We have limited equipment on the destination RT's so I mix up all of the high energy workouts differently based on the equipment (usually a set of handweights, tubing, firewalker bands, discs, etc). We also are working out on hotel flooring vs fitness flooring so I like to mix up the workouts to give our bodies time to recover a bit as well as digest food between workouts. So, for instance, I might put a sculpting workout after lunch so you are not jumping around with a belly full of food. I usually put your highest impact class earlier in the day when your feeling strong (but all low impact modifications are demonstrated and welcome). And put lower impact workouts (but that DOES NOT mean low intensity, wink) later in the day.


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