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Hello, fellow Cathletes!

I think it's (really, past) time I got some new shoes for cardio. I tried poking around the forum, but the most recent thread I could find was from 2012. What are some of your favorite shoes to use with Cathe's stuff (i.e. HIIT, step, Kickbox, etc.)?

Thanks for the expert input!

I have searched and tried many shoes. I have tried cross trainers but have never found a pair that don't cause me foot pain midway through my workout so I wear running shoes (gasp) for most of my workouts. I over pronate and have had a previous stress fracture in my foot, I was wearing ASIC cross trainers at the time it occurred. The shoe that gives me the most comfort and support are the Brooks Ariel. I've worn this style for over 10 years. I'd love to be able to wear cute Nikes, Asics, Ryka, or Saucony but I haven't been able to find the right pair.
Hi Nivipa. I have been wearing Rykas almost exclusively for the last 10 years or so. I have flat wide feet. is the best place for me as they have free shipping even on returns. I will usually get several pair at one time but only keep one or two. I use Cathe dvd's exclusively. Right now I have Enhance II( use for Cardio) and Transition ( use for weights or light cardio)
I hope that helps a little :)
Hi Nivipa,

I have been wearing the Asics 180 TR for the past 5 years wish I love. Wanted to try a shoe that offered more fun colors and decided I would give the Gel Craze TR a try. The colors are fun but I must admit I prefer the Asics 180. I just wish they had more fun colors!
I found the asics envigor. They have been great. Bought the craze and found they lost lateral support almost immediately.
My vote is also for the Asic 180 TR. I've tried MANY over the years and keep going back to Asics. I love the cushioning and lateral support. For me, they're simply a solid shoe for all the different types of wkouts I do. I can throw them in the wash, let them air dry and they're great. I also use Saucony but much prefer the Asics!
Thanks everyone for your input! I'm hoping to find a local store I can give business to, and I'll bring this list along to try on. I may even try that minimalist shoe along with a traditional pair and see how I like them, perhaps alternating them.

I adore this forum - Cathletes are the best!


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