Workout Manager Newbie


I have decided I want to try tracking my workouts using Cathe's workout manager.

I read some information on the workout manager support forum and I watched the "rotations" tutorial (I could not get the other tutorials to play). Unfortunately, I still have some questions.

I think I understand how to upload a rotation and to creat a rotation of my own using Cathe DVDs. What I need help with is...

1) how do I add a workout to my rotation that is not a Cathe workout, such as a circuit I created?

2) What is the create a workout tab for? Or did I just answer my first question with this question?

3) Is there a way to track details regarding my workouts such as time and calories burned?

4) What is the workout blender used for?

I apologize in advance if these answers are on the website and I am missing them. Thank you for your help!


When I go to the workout manager page on my ipad, there is an i at the bottom that I tap and it gives you a video tutorial on how to use. I just used trial and error after that. It is easier for me to use the manager from a desktop computer. You can drag and drop workouts once they are in the calendar.

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