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Good morning SNM! I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that many of the calculations in the Workout Manager are off since the big upgrade of late. Not complaining...just informing.
An example is the number of workouts from the home page does not match the stats. Another example is the calorie sum from the home page and the stats page do not match either.

Have a great day!:eek:
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Workout Manager Calculations Error

We've been working on a fix for this problem. After spending much of the day yesterday re-learning things developers did years ago we determined that the database files for "Stats" were never transferred to the new server. We transferred the files late last night, but unfortunately when we manually ran the cron job that runs the update scripts for the stats it caused the database to crash. We're now studying why this happened and are waiting for a slower time to try again since it could make the website unresponsive for a few minutes. We will update you again when we know more.

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