Workout Blender not on Cathe on Demand app?


Hello everyone!
Just subscribed to Cathe on Demand for my bday and I’m super excited! However, is the Workout Blender accessible from the app? I can’t seem to find it when I open the app from my iPad. I thought it was free with subscription? Do I have to access the WOB from the website? When I try to log in to the website, it doesn’t recognize my app sign in. Help! I’m itching to use it!

aqua girl

You put together your blender workouts in the workout blender thru the website,
Like on a regular computer or laptop, chrome book, etc. you cannot blend your
Workouts in the app. However, once you blend some workouts, when you open
Your Cathe OnDemand app on your mobile device, like phone, iPad, etc, there is
A choice at the bottom called shared workouts. If you tap on that, it will switch
To your workout blender workouts you have created. You can play the blender
Videos from your iPad, phone, etc and hook to tv, etc. hope that makes sense.
Of course, you have to sign in first.


Thanks for the reply! If I make workouts online, how does it “talk” to my iPad? The website will not let me sign in with my app sign in.


Staff member
Hi firmgirll,

You have to sign up for Cathe OnDemand through us if you want to use the WB. When you sign up through us you get access to all of our apps (iOS,tvOS, Android, Roku, Fire, Fire Tv, web access and the WB). Plus you get Cathe Live. When you sign up through Apple you only get access to the iOS app and not our other apps, including the WB.


Thank you for your help. I didn’t know that. I guess I’ll have to cancel, then re-sign up from the website.

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