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After uninstalling and then reinstalling Workout Blender I am having trouble utilizing some of my Cathe downloads. For example I am able to drag Ripped with Hiit Lower Body Circuit and utilize it in the Blender but when I attempt to drag over STS Total Body I get the following message:

This video format is not supported. Please visit to purchase videos that work with Cathe's Workout Blender.

Ever since you have been able to buy Cathe workouts in a download format that is all I have purchased. Any ideas? I apologize if this issue has already been addressed.

Thank you.

Emily Tuggle


I am also having issues with Workout Blender. I have uninstalled and re-installed three times, but nothing changes. I can't even get the screen that allows me to drag my movies into the film strip. All I get is a dialogue box telling me it is importing my movies, but it never completes the import.


I love Cathe and almost all her products, but the Workout Blender is a dud. I've posted several times to describe similar problems to what you've described here and it appears the support people (assuming there are any) have just given up - they don't even bother replying anymore. It's a bit irritating because one of the reasons I always buy both DVDs and downloads is so that maybe, some day, I'll be able to use the WB, but my guess is that it will never work right. To be fair, I should say it works for some people with some computer configurations, but it's never worked for me on any of the Macs I've owned. Anyway, I still like having downloads available, and I now use Quick Time as a kluge to create my own workout combos.



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I, too, have noticed that they don't seem to reply to questions about the downloads.

Maybe someone on this thread can assist me. Do the downloads have Audio Options (i.e. Cathe's Vocals only - with no music)?

Curt Kapus

Hi, we have been focusing efforts on getting the streaming version of the Workout Blender working (which will be much more reliable for OnDemand customers and able to be updated easily from our end). Once we get that working we will be giving the old application some attention to try to address the problems with the more modern operating systems.

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Any update on this yet? I sure would like to be able to use my Cathe downloads that I have purchased and make my premixes accordingly with out having to buy into OnDemand just to use the workout blender there. Maybe have another option Something cheaper for people to be able to use the workout blender online without having to pay $19.99/month when we have already purchased Cathe Digital downloads. Upset about this.


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We have not worked on the beta desktop Workout Blender in many years and is not something we currently have any plans on working on. The desktop WB was always a free after-sale beta product that we offered, not something we charged for. It also suffered from a lot of bugs and never worked very well. Someday we will look to see if it is possible to make a bug free desktop version of the WB, but my guess is it would take a small army of developers and would not be economically feasible to do. Just as consumers have moved on and had to repurchase workouts they used to have on VHS to take advantage of the features on DVDs, they now too will have to repurchase workouts they have on DVD or Downloads to take advantage of the features of the latest technology on OnDemand if they want these features. I'm sure in the future Ondemand will be replaced with virtual reality and on an on it goes. But keep in mind, we too as a company have to spend a lot of money developing and adopting these new platforms - so we're in the same boat as you. Just a your smartphone has to replaced every few years, so does the technology to watch videos if you want the latest features. And remember your downloads will still work just fine as they always have, so there is no need to upgrade if you don't want to.

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