WM Working?

I am feeling a little better now. I have never used workout manager and today I decided to try it out for the first time and I got nothing! I gave up. After reading these post I now know it was not me!
Workout Manager Problems

There are lots of things not working now in the Workout Manager that are related to yesterdays crash.

The initial problem yesterday was actually very minor, but the company that hosts our cathe.com server made a mistake yesterday by trying to fix the problem by updating the PHP, MYSQL and Apache services on the server. This caused yesterdays problems and the Workout Manager problems you're now seeing. This is something we're still trying to get a handle on today and decide how best to fix.
good to know the system problems are beig worked on. I can't see the button to edit a workout in order to print my workout card for xtrain. hope system issue are fixed soon:(
I completed an XTrain workout today, but the calories burned for my workout are not showing up in my total calorie expenditure for the day. Any idea why this is? TIA.

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