WM not posting to Facebook


Hi!! Since Friday last Friday, May 1st, I've noticed the workouts marked as complete aren't posting onto FB. Also the WM is not keeping me logged into FB, which it usually does. I've tried it from work which is Windows Vista on both Explorer and Chrome, from home which is Windows 8.1 and Windows 7, both on Firefox, and my Iphone 5s, from Safari. It won't do it from any of them. I've not changed any settings anywhere that I can think of.


Same here for about the last two weeks. I've disconnected/reconnected to FB multiple times, logged in and out of workout manager, but no luck. Something definitely is broken.
We're aware, but not something we can get fixed until we finish what were working on in the Workout Blender. As soon as we have time we will take a look at this.
No, this is not something we will have time to address until we finish our work on the Workout Blender and iOS app.
Any updates? This has been a real motivation tool between some of my friends and me. I also have ended up recommending Cathe workouts to several people who asked about them based on these posts. Would love to have it back!
This is not something we will have time to work on until after we're done working on adding the DVD premixes to the Workout Blender and several other things we're currently working on. The problem is caused by new Facebook rules that require all "apps" that connect to Facebook to be approved. Unfortunately this takes a developer to do and is not a simple task to meet their requirements. Hence it will have to wait until we can free up some time with our developer to do this.

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