Why does Cathe Live "stick" at times


So I'm trying to figure out why when I play my Cathe Lives they "stick". I can still hear the audio but he picture stops. It usually catches up but any idea why this is happening to me?

Also today I'm not sure what was going on but The Step HIIT workout just basically stopped a few times; no audio or picture movement; it was frozen. After playing with it a few times I just gave up.

Do you think that this is because I'm on wireless and need to be plugged in? I'm using the low speed videos. By the way my laptop is brand new.


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Streaming issue

We responded to your other thread on this in Open Discussion, but also posting here:

That's why you're having an issue. 6 mbps is very poor and not enough speed to be able to smoothly handle high quality HD video at 720p. 10 mbps is probably the minimum speed to successfully play HD video, but even then you will have some stall issues as connection speeds can vary based on number of users on the internet in your area.

In your case if you do some more tests you might find your connection speed varies up and down from 6 mbps. You can probably play Cathe Live low quality videos ok sometimes, but since your speed is poor there will be stalls and pauses quite often. As a comparison our connection speed here is 312 mbps (52 times faster than your connection speed) and everything runs smoothly. You don't need to have 312 mbps, but a steady 20 mbps is what I would suggest trying to get. Even then you could have problems if your cable company doesn't provide a steady stream of 20 mbps. Have you tried contacting your ISP to see if they can boost your speed? With FIOS we upgraded and went from 150 mbps to 312 mbps and best of all our price went down, not up.

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