Who shops at Sephora:):)


I do! What are your favorite products
Frederic Fekkai: Protien RX shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask, Glossing Cream, Coiff ironless straighting balm

Bare Escentuals, foundation eyes, blush, lipgloss, mascara
Philosophy Falling in love
Anyone have any other products i should try? :) hehe


I don't shop often, but when I go, I'm in there forever! It's like candy!

I do love any sort of Stila lip products. I bought this combo lip and cheek stain that I use everday. Goes with everything.

I wanted to buy my husband some cologne for Christmas so I browsed around. I came across this gift set...for 50 bucks you get 10 samples of their best-sellers AND a gift certificate to come back and get a full-size bottle of the one you/he likes best! Genious! I went back and got the women's version for myself.



I shop there all the time. I have a wide variety of products. My favorite product is the small palette of eyeliners by smashbox.

I also bought the clarisonic facial brush. I love that.



Stila Kitten eye shadow
Clinique Almost Makeup tinted moisturizer
Clinique Almost Powder

I always peruse Beautipedia.com before I buy anything since so many products are a lot of hype.


One of my favorite stores, too. I do most of my shopping online, and the site is (too) convenient to use. I set up my "favorites" and then re-order as needed.

Chrissy, funny that you mentioned the Clarisonic brush. I just ordered it today. I couldn't resist the "15% off everything" promo. I hope it lives up to the reviews.



I don't have one near me :( but I order online all the time. I love Fresh products! I create a birthday list through their site every year. Love it!!!


I love Sephora -- and I have the eye shadow collection to prove it! I do most of my Sephora shopping online...I'm waiting for a box right now. I buy a lot of my basics there (Clinique foundation, Touch Base for eyes), and also love to explore new brands. One of my favorites this year is the Sephora by OPI hand scrub -- gentle scent, very effective without being too oily, and great price. I'm also an organization junkie, and for Christmas my husband gave me Sephora's cosmetic train case. I thought it might be too big, but...nope.



I like Sephora but there's not one very close to me. Ulta is closer so I tend to go there more. I am like a kid in a candy store. I love the pur minerals makeup and all the smashbox eye colors. They also run a lot of buy one get one free promotions on the ulta cosmetic line so I have stocked up on tons of lipstics and eyeliners that way. Plus I get coupons in the mail all the time so that helps my makeup obsession. :)


I have never gone into Sephora. But I'm going NOW!

btw, for those not near a Sephora store, a lot of JC Penney stores now have Sephora boutiques.


Huh, who would think JCPenney would have Sephora? Not to change the subject, but JCPenney seems to be carrying a lot of new designers these days, too. I guess they are trying to change their image.

Love Sephora! I resisted opening this thread for a while because I do not need any new product obsessions! Our Sephora just opened this year and I am glad I have a 2 and 3 year old because the thought of taking them in there and keeping them out of trouble keeps ME out of there! :D

I love Stila- the convertible color is terrific and their lipsticks wear so well. I have 4 tubes of Lynn- it is my stand by. If they stop making it, I will hoard it. :eek:


I'm loving the eye shawdows that Kat Von D has there. I LOVE LOVE the Urban Decay eye primer too. I keep going back and forth on foundations. I've tried bare minerals, one by stilla, and my current one is by make up forever. I use Sephora's brushes as well. I could do some serious damage in that store!


I just ordered the Glamour Grid (Sephora Brand Color Play Palette) for Sephora. It has 36 shadows, 12 glosses, 3 blushes and 1 bronzer for $22. My sister and I ordered it for my mom. She is going through a tough time right now and she loves sets like this. I had it sent directly to her.


LOVE Sephora...I just ordered Dr. Brandt's antioxidant water drops in pomegranate, Miss Dior Chiere perfume (smells good for summer), Stila's Illuminating Moisturizer, good instead of foundation...Guerlain's lipgloss...I am always ordering from them...


I love Sephora! Was just there on Sunday, and now hubby is hooked on the Anthony Logistics line for men. We actually went in for him! He gets embarrassed and always has me bring the stuff to the register...

There's a line of "natural" products called Korres. Pretty good stuff. I have the cleanser and a moisturizer. I buy way too many items there!


Okay, you band of enablers... I hit Sephora today and was amazed at how much cool stuff they have. I bought makeup in shades and textures I've never seen in a department or drug store and found the perfect shade of pinky-beige lipgloss I've been looking for for about three months.

At first, all the choice was kind of overwhelming but I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a regular now. "A kid in a candy store" for real:p:D!


They usually don't have the stuff I buy but at the recommendation of another enabler on this board I bought a new perfume, Fresh Sugar Lemon, now I am addicted to that stuff!

I went to the local store and it was quite an experience. Although I found the smell in there overwhelming :eek:

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