WHEW...I am all done entering...now I need a report please :)


Workout Manager Request:

I have finally completed entering in all my data for the 3.5 month STS rotation which DH and I completed in May for both of us. :) WHEW!

I cannot tell you how much the manager has saved our butts. If it were not for the blender, we would have volumes of hard copy which we would need to constantly search over. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

Now, on to our request...if this has already been requested, I apologize.
We are looking for a reporting feature...pretty please! If we could see our progress over time, and a list of our 1RMs in a report format, we would be so grateful.

Thanks so much for what you do for us!

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A reporting module will be eventually added to the WM, but we have some other things first that we are working on.

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