When did you start exercising again post-partum?


My due date is this Saturday and I am really looking forward to meeting my baby and getting my body back! I have gained more than I hoped this pregnancy and really look forward to working out again with Cathe. I did not exercise too much during the pregnancy - I did a lot of walking and prenatal videos in the beginning, then had some blood pressure issues towards the end so was told to stop exercising. So needless to say, I am very very out of shape at this point.

How did y'all get back into shape after your baby? I planning on just starting out with some walking with the baby in the stroller in the beginning, but I am not sure where to go from there - when to start light weight lifting, etc. I am so out of shape that I know it will take me a long time to build up to Cathe videos again.

Any tips or stories would be greatly appreciated.


I began walking and post partum exercise videos about 2 weeks postpartum.I resumed low impact aerobics around week 4 and resumed high impact at week 6 postpartum. I did work out almost daily through my pregnancies so listen to your body post partum and rea;lize the weight will come off in time.


I have learned now with my two pregnancies that it totally depends on your delivery. My first delivery was very hard and I had a lot of healing to do. I could not even go for a walk until 6 weeks postpartum (not the normal by the way). I was not actually back to my workouts for 12 weeks (doc's orders). Second time around was so much smoother and I was taking daily walks about 1 1/2 weeks postpartum and doing modified impact around 4 weeks and then back to full impact about 6 weeks in.
I pulled out some of my easier videos first and started working with those (non-Cathe). When I decided to work back up to Cathe, I would just do 20-30 minutes of her video and then do the second half the next time I worked out. I still usually just do 30 min of a video, but that is because of time constraints. I really have a hard time to find 1 hour to do a video now.
The key is to listen to your body and don't push yourself. Your body will have major healing to do. You will know when you are ready. Clean eating will really help to get that weight off quickly as well.
Good luck with your delivery!!!! You must be so excited!


hi there

i completely agree with the other posts here. a lot depends on your pregnancy, and how active you were during it, also, how your delivery was. i exercised up thru the day i delievered and even continued some impact moves. i had a very easy delievery and began walking days after delievery at 2 wks post partum i resumed some jogging and cathe dvd's. each day i felt better and stronger, but there certainly is an adjustment. do what feels good and what you cna handle with very little rest:)

good luck with delivery. keep us posted.


Hi Diane!

I am 14 wks. postpartum, and I wish I had my body back, but it's not even close! Not to be discouraging, but hopefully ENcouraging by telling you don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. I went into it thinking I could exercise, control calories and all would be fine. It's not, and after several weeks of crying and agonzing, I've realized that my body has been through some major changes, and that's a-o.k.

My delivery was pretty smooth, and I started walking around 2-3 weeks and jogging around 4-5 weeks. As others have said, listen to your body and take it easy. Provided you're feeling ok, I think light weights would be great for you around 4-6 weeks. Check with dr. when in doubt!

The GOOD news is that I am now starting to see a bit of improvement. I was extremely discouraged and now I feel like maybe there's hope. Again, I don't want to discourage you, just let you know that for me, rules like "eat less, exercise more" didn't necessarily work for me postpartum. That's how I found this board! Out of pp depression, depression over my new physique, and my love for Cathe videos. SO, please go easy on yourself. Considering the issues you've had in the past, I'd hate for you to take on too much too soon thinking whatever you're doing isn't working, because it might be working ... just takes a bit longer to appear for some mommas!

Take care & good luck!


With my C=Sections b/w 3-4 weeks postpartum. However, it wasn't recommended to go that quick...and I was VERY careful.


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Congratulations on your beautiful baby!!

I agree with people here who have said to really listen to your body. I started at 4~5 weeks after both of my pregnancies. Both times my biggest problems were joint stability and core strength. Lunges and squats were almost impossible at the beginning due to hip stability issues and I am still doing lunges unweighted at 16 weeks pp x(. My ability to do strictly "abs" work returned fairly quickly, however. This last time I got serious knee pain from stepping too vigorously too soon and trying to "push through" lunges and squats before I was really ready :( . By working out too hard too soon I think I slowed my progress, actually. I feel things are finally moving towards normal again. I still have about 15 lbs to lose and it will be a while before I reach my pre-pregnancy fitness level, but I've definitely learned my lesson about trying to do too much too soon.



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