what stretch band and fire loops to buy?

There's a fitness competitor an IFBB bikini athlete who sells firewalker bands. Her name is Lisette Howard. They look well made. I had just bought Cathe's bands before inventory ran out so I haven't tried Lisette's

A Fit Granny [emoji1434]
Thanks for re-posting that Elsie, I looked but couldn't find that thread!!

And I recommend getting a multi pack of varying strengths of both the firewalker loops and long resistance bands for 2 reasons: 1) you can build strength really quickly with these things, so the light one might not be needed for long, 2) within the same video, there are often some moves that require a lighter band, but for others you can use a tougher one, so I keep all of mine on hand during a workout and swap them in as needed.

I got the ones on amazon & I also got the video from them as well. I like it, I have a torn hamstring so I am very restricted in what I can do, I really like the dvd that you can buy with it

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